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Frugal Should Not’s

I do the things you aren’t supposed to do. Not as a card carrying member of Team Frugal. Not if I ever wish to become Financially Independent. Not as a devout follower of Amy Dacyczyn. Cardinal Sins. Poor life choices. I’m screwed. With my 2012 car depreciating in my driveway, as I kick back and stream the last season of Girls via one of my many iPaidTooMuch Apple devices. Skipping, dancing, and latte drinking my way down the road to (financial) ruin. Or so they’d have you believe.

Who? The ‘they’. Internal or external Them. Collective wisdom. Bloggers (oops), commentators, talking heads, conventional advice. If you make THIS choice, you need not apply to our club. It’s a comfy clubhouse. Furnished with second hand furniture, featuring low-cost beverages (tap water), and a 24 hour beans and rice buffet. Read more

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Gratitude for a Canine Lifetime

We’ve embarked on a new dog chapter. With the addition of our progeny, my relationship with my dogs has changed. It has. I denied it would happen. I rally against it. But, its true. The addition of kids changes how you feel about dogs.

In our case, it doesn’t involve a trip to the shelter, emails to a rescue, or very sad craigslist ads. Fear not! My band of senior misfits are still and forever firmly ensconced into the landscape of my life. I’m distracted these days. By diapers and feeding and crying and snuggling. As much as I am still in awe of this new life in my lap (Who gave me a baby anyway!?), I am equally enthralled with my dogs. How far we’ve all come together. To get here. Read more

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Enough Already

I feel like I’ve written about this enough. Enough of the enough even. But, not specifically and not in awhile. Mostly because I haven’t written about much in a while. Furthermore, it still haunts me. This concept. Saturation. Satiation. When to call it good, or just when to call it. When enough is enough? How do you have the presence of mind to identify it? Without roaring right past into the land of excess? It’s a slippery slope. For me. It can’t be just me though. (Can I get an Amen?) Spending begets more spending, begets more and more and and and … Well, I’m great at hindsight. But, I tend to let my snowball gather great momentum before I deign to interrupt its path.

Currently? No such luxury. In the now, with one shaky income (The Husband’s), a little bit of paid maternity leave (and I do mean a little), and some of my much coveted savings (I am loath to spend), I need to become acquainted, face to face, first name basis, best-friend style, with Enough. I need him to call before he visits. I’d like to see him coming a mile away. Read more

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A Line Drying Revolution

Sometimes I’m a slow learner. I dismiss certain frugal doing as ‘too difficult’, ‘inconvenient’, or ‘not for me’. Someday I will learn, that short of separating my two-ply into single, well that’s just dumb. Clotheslines are one of those things. Specifically the outdoor variety. I’ve got a couple indoor models in use in my basement. As a resident of rainy, overcast, damp Seattle, we are lucky to be able to use those all year round. But frankly, they kinda suck. Limited and inefficient. They save our shirts from a trip through the money guzzling heat box (what I’ve taken to calling our dryer). For anything of substance though, towels, jeans, sheets, pet bedding it takes too long, and there is simply not enough real estate to put the accursed appliance completely out of commission.

Oh, for summer time! Or spring. Or even a breezy dry fall day. Any day without precipitation really. I’ll take it. So begins my love affair with outdoor drying. Clothesline! How I love thee! Read more

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Things To Do on Maternity Leave

Besides the obvious loving, snuggling, feeding, and general tending of the world’s cutest damn baby, there’s actually, surprisingly, time… for things. Turns out newborns sleep a lot. And when you figure out that schedule (afternoons good – mornings bad), you can sorta capitalize on it. To do stuff. Combine that with a lack of income (not a complete lack just yet, but an impending lack), and what do you have? A recipe for renewed frugality. Not just a lifestyle, friends. A past time, a hobby, an ever flowing fountain of inspiration… especially when you’ve just been featured on MSN money. Quick! Do something frugal! Everybody is looking!

So what am I doing with this free time? Read more

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Orijen Freeze Dried Treats: A Review

Every once in a while, every once in a great, long while this little blog gets me something for free. Not much, mind you, and primarily it comes from the dog world, which is fitting. Whenever it happens, I can’t help but squee with excitement. Especially when that free stuff is something I’ve been looking forward to for what seems like forever.

It’s no secret I’m a big fan of Champion Pet Foods. I’ve sung their praises from the very beginning (here and here) and given them every honorable mention I can get away with (including in my dog food manifesto). As kibbles go, they are way ahead of the pack, in my not so humble opinion. Locally sourced ingredients, full disclosure, never outsourced, biologically appropriate. They set the bar for the industry, and not a lot of other companies can even come close. However, this high standard has left them with some ‘limitations’ shall we say, in their product lines. If you insist on owning all your own equipment (as opposed to co-packing at a facility you can never completely control), it can be difficult to offer things like cans or frozen foods or… treats. Read more

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So, That Happened

This time last week I was stuck in the hospital. In fact, I’d been stuck at said facility for nigh on 4 days. My baby was here… inevitably, finally, amazingly, at long last. But, due to the loooooong process to get him here, we were held for observation. Testing. Sepsis. Glucose. Temperatures. Heart rates. Stool softeners doled out on the regular. Percocet should I so choose. Funny that I chose the former over the latter. Eagerly. Missed opportunity, that. Lots of pestering and interruption in a very small recovery room, with limited and sometimes no hot water. Well meaning pestering. Professional pestering. Slightly obnoxious nonetheless.
Read more

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In Memorium

I’ve neglected to write this post. Not because it’s not worthy of sharing. Quite the opposite, actually. These stories should be told. But, because it didn’t feel shareable. It felt like our own. A family decision. A personal journey. For each of us. And it always is. A sad day. A long goodbye. Then relief, for all of us, I hope.

I’ve got a thing about commemorating the dogs that pass through our lives. Paintings, figures, photos. Something that remains with us when they have passed. A conversation starter about them. Once they leave us, these old dogs are not to be forgotten. They become part of our story. Their chapter in our family, short or long, it’s important. And so a cute picture of an unassuming little dog. Our littlest dog actually. And our oldest. Six pounds of 20 year old Maltese appreciation. Read more

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Cheap + Expensive: A Nursery

My baby, (who isn’t here yet, a fact causing me all kinds of grief) has been suitably provided for. And then some. I’d go so far as to say I am pretty dang happy with how his digs have turned out. It’s not often one ‘plans a room’. At least not this ‘one’. In my world, decor evolves. Hand me downs and purchases, old and new, intentions and the inevitable. A hodge-podge. Screw you, Pinterest. The process is more interesting than any inspiration board.

But a room for a brand new person, where you have months to plan and plot and purchase, where to some degree it has to be done. Because, a kid is showing up (eventually). Starting from essentially zero. What’s the end result of that? Read more

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Why I’m Not Writing

I will make no promises to ‘be better’. I’m not saying I’m back at it. I am not reformed. I probably won’t even try harder. However, I will acknowledge I haven’t written shit. In weeks. And I haven’t had much desire to. I’ve got some theories on that. Namely, that I’m still pregnant. Sure, its the final countdown. Weeks, just weeks. Weeks unto days. Give or take. Strike that. I can neither give nor take them. I can only eat lots of spicy food, continue to move as much as I am physically and emotionally able, and prepare. Another continuation. The dogs might be ready (as ready as they are gonna be), but are we?

Instead of writing, that is what I’ve been doing. In all its various forms. Read more

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