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Hi. I’m just another 30 something Seattle-ite. A DiNK, with a bunch of dogs, a flock of chickens, one Ugly Garden and penchant for breaking the shackles of Corporate Servitude. Interested in keeping my overhead low, and my enjoyment high. I am building my own little quarter acre-urban oasis on the cheap, and learning things I’d never thought I’d care to, like pickling and jam making and maybe even some lacto-fermentation for good measure.

You can read a little more about me here.

So, why Dogs or Dollars?

‘Dogs or Dollars?’ is the question that began forming in October of 2008, when I was laid-off from my IT job in Corporate America. This is hardly a unique experience these day. But for me, I saw an opportunity  to do something different with my life.

The Pandora’s Box that opened as a result of that realization, I’m still trying to get my arms around.

To get to the crux of it…

‘Dogs’ meant taking the leap into doing something I loved, that I’d always wanted to do, where I’d make significantly less money. I would trade in big business for small, and invest more of myself into that business. I would flee my comfort zone, in hopes of living a different sort of life. One less about ‘stuff’ and income, and more about conscientious spending of my time and money lined up with my morals and values. I’d spend more time at home, and less getting woken up at 2am to work on things I didn’t care about.

‘Dollars’ is not so easily dismissed. Dollars was the beast I knew. It represented a lifestyle I was comfortable with, which while maybe not overly fulfilling, had been pretty successful thus far. ‘Dollars’ is disposable income. It is a Corporate America, where I am just a ‘resource’. After the layoff, it meant peddling myself in a field I wasn’t passionate about in order to maintain an existing quality of life, I wasn’t convinced we needed.

If Dollars was a natural progression, Dogs meant bucking the system.

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I think everyone has their own ‘Dogs or Dollars?’ question. The lifelong negotiation between ‘What you’d rather’ and ‘What you have to’. So, what’s your question?