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2012 Goals In Review

I love this time of year. Christmas is over. The New Year is still at bay. Its the cozy in between. I make it a policy to never work this week (if I can at all help it). Like my birthday week, I consider it sacred space. Time we don’t have nearly enough of. Time to reflect, to write our own schedule, to do (or not do) as we see fit.

For me that looks something like slovenly pijamas, unkempt hair, and not leaving the house much at all. It ain’t pretty. I’ll spare you the image, and we will cap off 2012 with…


Ford! Senior Dog extraordinaire, looking particularly possum-rat-ish in this photo, and still going strong since joining the pack way back in late February. He’s not without his health concerns (or senility), but he’s made it to 2013 to our mild shock and pleasure.

So senior dogs are appreciated, books are read, cupboards are cleaned out, closets organized, gardens puttered in, curtains washed, all those chores. Plus lots of time to think about goals. Old goals. New goals. It’s important. To me.
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Return of the Rent-a-Tree

There is plenty I do ‘wrong’ with Christmas. Wrong being total engagement in the full on consumerism orgy that is the month of December. I spend too much money. Too much is completely relative, because I don’t set a budget to begin with. For shame. I also end up, inevitably buying for myself. Because once the spending taps are open, why not just turn them on full bore? It’s one of those instances where I tuck and roll right out of my speeding frugality vehicle. Damages be damned!

Over the years, I’ve managed to get a couple of things right. Behold: The Rental Tree.


Very much like its predecessor last year. Read more

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Changing Priorities…or Not.

This dog.


Does having a baby somehow negate my responsibility to this dog? Does it lessen it? Am I no longer required to feed him the best diet I can afford? To provide him veterinary care when he needs it?

I understand in the battle of kids vs. dogs, human vs. canine bipeds always win. This, I am not questioning. In terms of life and death, of course. But, how often is it actually in those terms? Isn’t it often a question of sacrifice? Of priorities? Of living up to the responsibilities you signed up for? Even when it sucks. Read more

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