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Just Keep Talking

I keep harping on this, but I’ve fallen down on the blogger job. Perhaps you noticed. Posting dried up because I couldn’t think anymore. I couldn’t see my way through 500 words, let alone a 1,000. Coherent topics suddenly became daunting. And I’m not sure we were all that coherent to begin with. I’m writing about this in the past tense. Like its behind us. And I’ve produced a little, so maybe it is. Or… I am lowering the bar. Ding, ding, ding. That feels righter. Righter? Yes, righter. For right now, its righter. Sorry. Watch that bar fall.


A wise commenter recently suggested I do a week of just pictures. Back when I was only contemplating breaks. Instead of firmly embracing 3 weeks of them in a death grip bear hug. I dismissed that as poppycock. Slacker poppycock. Why bother with pictures of chickens dogs and vegetables? Words! I need words! I chose zero over half ass. That was probably wrong. I’ve come to realize. I criticize my own content. I clothesline myself on that high bar, and leave you hanging for 19 days or so. Oops.

Maybe I won’t always teach you something. I’m not feeling particular knowledgable at the moment. Maybe the Facebook like and Pinterest pin buttons on these posts aren’t going to get much exercise. My traffic and readership might stall. This may become entirely too introspective for some of you. Apologies in advance. Right now, after the absence, after the Turkey Dinner, in the midst of my long weekend, I’m going to choose to just keep talking. I’m going letting go of the guilt from neglecting you, of the obligatory Thankful Post I didn’t write, even of the coherent topics. I used to write bull-shitty Friday posts, just for the fun of it. Consider this of that vein.

Let the randomness begin.

I am so overwhelmed with the commenter love during my sojourn. To go from talking to the big, black hole of the interwebs, to having engaged readers who notice when I’m gone, notice enough to leave a little comment, well shucks. I’m not writing that Thankful Post yet, but I am most certainly bless-ed. Gives me a completely new perspective on this community. If I didn’t say it (even if I did its worth repeating) Thank You.

Finally reading Radical Homemakers, a book suggested to me here and seemingly everywhere for some time. I resisted it mightily. I’m not sure why. The word Homemaker? Anyway, it’s knocking my socks off. Recommended, highly. Short on the new-age woo-woo. Long on the research and real world examples of how ‘a life different’ can work. Makes me feel less ridiculous for even wanting a life not about striving for six figures and Corporate Servitude.

I perused Black Friday ads this year. For places I do not even shop. Big Box Places. Still I oogled, prices, items, chances of getting said items. It’s a fever I’ve had before. Then, I re-read my Black Friday Post from last year. The No Big Box pact still stands, but I’m a long way from a completely reformed consumer. Sleeping in tomorrow will be an active part of that recovery.

Speaking of Big Box, there’s a new one in my life to avoid, The Baby Big Box. Scarier than your average Big Box, and chalk full of stuff you a) won’t need very long, but b) will make your new person’s life practically perfect in every way. I’ve committed to not making any serious baby purchases until after the Holidays. Although, I may have picked up some exceptionally cute unisex onesies and sleep sacks at The Goodwill (with puppies on them of course!). Right now its all about strategizing, and my new favorite word, consignment.

New Money Savings Ways I’m itching to share with you – reducing my gym expenses by 1/3, at least temporarily and without changing gyms, new chapters in the constant battle of keeping internet costs down, and my internal debate on Amazon vs. Apple and my entertainment dollars.

And finally, consider the challenge of Thanksgiving leftovers. Coming off the reduced grocery budget of No-Spend October, I was particularly appalled with the expense of our little turkey dinner. I’m considering this a call to arms to use every last scrap of that dinner, and buy no or next to no food for the rest of the month. This will need to go beyond sandwiches and soup. I may even have The Husband on board here.

How’s that? An honest to goodness post. I may just bet back into the swing of things yet. Rest assured that even if I’m not writing, I’m churning through all the same topics – albeit at a lower gear than usual.

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Haha, and that coherency will continue to be muddled at least through your pregnancy. And you might write the same post twice because you forgot you already wrote it. It will be okay, though. A lot of bloggers will say you have to write new content all the time or your readers will leave, but I have stopped reading blogs that wrote twice a day, but after 3 months I had already read everything the writer had to say. Twice. So, I say it’s okay to be less prolific if that means we’ll all get to read something new and interesting.

Besides, once you start stocking up for baby… and then once you’re raising baby, you’ll have fresh new content ALL the time. Looking forward to it!

Erica / Northwest Edible Life

Yeah I’m glad someone else said it first. Welcome to having cotton balls for a brain. That feeling doesn’t actually go away, in my recent experience. “At least through your pregnancy” is code for, “no promises until we know if you hit the infant jackpot and got a sleeper. If not, consider this your new normal for the next two years. Sorry.”

Wait, what was I saying? Shit I gotta go to bed.


Good for you for wanting to produce quality work. I fully understand it.

Don’t worry about taking breaks. We miss you when you’re gone, but we want you happy.

When you are ready, please be sure to share some of your resourceful ways of using up every last bit of the feast. I always buy a spare bird which sits in my freezer until April, so any ideas for getting every last penny out of it would be greatly appreciated.

Erica / Northwest Edible Life

I like that you write occasionally, and not just because it reminds me to email you back. But you should feel zero caretaker guilt about the great ocean of readership. You are making A NEW PERSON. That is the triple word score of caretaker-ness. It trumps all. People either totally understand this and want you to take care of yourself or they suck. I have to go write my own mea culpa too, soo, though, so I understand it from your side too.

Also, and this is important, never go to Babies R Us without a Camelbak. That store is the most dehydrating place in the world. I have no idea how they get the air that desiccating. Avoid if at all possible.


i’m with erica…babies r us is best avoided if possible. thankfully, you live in seattle, the mecca of all things ‘repurposed’. there are TONS of great consignment shops and places to pick up the neverending pile of baby needs. the only things i recommend buying brand new are as follows: crib sheets (duh), car seats (unless you can prove the one you are getting of cragislist hasn’t been in a wreck or contained a sick child…), cloth diapers if you do that, bottles and/or anything that will be in their mouth repeatedly. otherwise, it’s a free for all of baby awesomeness. no need for box stores, really.


I love how you always have Amazon links…

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