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And Then I Fell Off The Face Of The Earth

For a week. Or so. Accidentally. Accidentally, on purpose. I’ve never wanted to be ‘that blog’, just as I’ve never wanted to write ‘that post’. You know the one. Flakey blogger writes heartfelt apology for their absence and recommits to a relationship they are clearly finding unsustainable. Only to produce substandard, hurried content and inevitably fall off the wagon again, and again, and again. I’ve endeavored to do it differently. Since this blog is so much about my life, more so perhaps then I ever realized or intended, I thought I could keep the lines of communicado open. Keep peeps in the know. With what’s going on in said life, and how that may or may not impact my posting schedule. That theory worked pretty well when I posted 5 days a week. Then four. Then two or three-ish, under which circumstances I really could no longer live with myself. Momentum gone. Blog interrupted.


My life has not embarked on some exciting new trajectory. Not hardly. Not yet. Rather here’s where I’ve been. Rain and afghans, old favorite books, not iPads, dogs, always with the dogs, and no writing. I find myself in need of input, unable to produce any output. There are things in my life I can not share with you. Not yet. Not prudent. Leaving us at an impasse, and me with a little revelation about my writing. How much of it is what’s in the forefront of my brain at any given moment in time. Turns out, if I can’t share that, I ain’t got much. Sorry. Unless I want to write about dogs and chickens in perpetuity. I don’t. My dogs only do so many endearing things. The Ladies only get out so much.

I don’t know how long this will last. I’d like to say I’m rip roarin’ to go after my stolen week off. I’m not. My time away allowed me to muster this, to close out No-Spend Month, and maybe address another dog topic or two on my mind. I’ll make no grandiose claims beyond that. Hopefully that keeps this from being ‘that post’ and me from ‘that blogger’.

Will it keep you, loyal reader, interested enough to stick around?

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Kaitlin Jenkins

Luckily, I don’t feel this makes you ‘that blogger’…My blogging ebbs and flows quite a bit personally which isn’t ideal, but it is life.
I am also struggling with trying to feel inspired about two blogs (bad idea, don’t recommend that) because I didn’t have enough forethought at the start of my blogging adventure to include dogs and my life in a single blog. Tough decisions are ahead of me to decide if I can continue to maintain them both (probably not). I’m attached to both for very different reasons making it all the harder. I’ll be here to read your next post though, weather that’s tomorrow or next month!


Thanks Kaitlin! The forethought to layout out your blog to be conducive to the life you don’t have yet… who does that!? But I completely understand the struggle. As usual, I could be being too hard on myself for taking an unannounced week off. It’s possible that’s ‘normal’ blogger ebb and flow. I always consider myself exempt from these thing. 😉

Katie B.

As much as we never want to admit it we do not have time for everything, despite how hard we still try to squeeze it in. I for one, like that you can be self aware enough that if you aren’t putting out the blog post you want that you are able to step back and really evaluate your approach.

I will miss the posts but will be happy when they do come through. Go find some distraction, new direction, old habits or whatever you want to do to move forward and the inspiration will come! I for one will be here if/when you want to tell us about it.


Evaluating the approach and having the energy to do it properly are just about it too. Its a time consuming thing. If you aren’t operating on all cylinders…. well shit comes apart. It’ll still be here. Just maybe slower coming.


Here’s the crazy thing- when I follow a blog, and it suddenly stops, I start to worry about the blogger – did something catastrophic happen in their life? There are blogs that have stopped without explanation and I will never know what happened. I appreciate you providing an explanation. Check in when you can, with what you find entertaining to write – I will definitely check in to see if you have new content. You write about one of my favorite topics – dogs!

Tracy Warren

Agreed Trish – my 1st thought was I hope everything is ok.


Thanks for the concern ladies! I don’t want to worry anybody. Still alive and kicking, just not necessarily this direction. 😉


I just got here, so I’m not going anywhere anytime soon! Also, I follow a lot of blogs on various topics. Honestly, I’d prefer it if all bloggers only wrote when they really had something to share. When I start seeing a lot of recycled and/or obviously uninspired content, that’s when I consider unsubscribing.

So, write when you can, and I’ll happily read it! :)

Erica / Northwest Edible Life

I have found that when life circumstances kinda force me to stop producing content for awhile, the creative juices sometimes back up and then I have a much easier time blogging after the break. Vacation is good.


I just landed here via a comment you left on “Get Rich Slowly” – I’ve spent most of my lunch poking around your blog (thanks for that!) – my main thought was “wow, I wish I’d found this sooner!”

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