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No Spend Month: Week Two

How to survive No-Spend-Month (or at least 2 weeks of it):
Do not go shopping. Send The Husband to the Grocery Store, with a list, and perhaps some threats.
Do not do much leaving of the house. It helps if you’ve been feeling generally crappy (I have) and have to work too much (ding, ding).
Day dream about restaurant meals you will have in T-Minus 17 days. To the point of planning a weekend of Thai, Cuban Sandwiches, Burgers, and Japanese. Maybe not in that order, but the order will be oh so important.
Fully engage your inner Scrooge McDuck, maximizing the pleasure taken in the money going into your coffers. Laughing maniacally might help. Never mind that it was your money to begin with.

“Free” food, onions from neighbor and the first of our very own parsnips certainly won’t hurt, but isn’t strictly required.

Most importantly, constantly remind yourself that it is No-Spend Month. There are no ‘extras’, no miscellaneous. Only the usual suspects will exist during this month of anti-spend. If its not gas, groceries, dogs, or our meager entertainment budget, I don’t want anything to do with it. Even those acceptable categories, I’m on limited speaking terms with.

And so far, its working. My mild form of brainwashing. My repeated mantras. My maniacal laughing. We have spent not. It feels pretty damn good.

In an effort of transparency though, here’s what I have done:
Used some Amazon Bucks. For oil changing supplies and baby shower gifts.
Been the beneficiary of not one, but two lunches out on someone else’s dime. One with a group, from a work vendor. Another with a friend. We take turns buying, and lucky for me, it was hers. That one is really deferred spending, as I’ll have to reciprocate post-October. These meals have helped considerably with the day dreaming.
Both cases do involve money-spent, but they don’t involve money directly leaving my bank account. Therefore, I’m not counting them.

Money I did spend:
Groceries: $94. A whole $6 under budget. Tacking that onto to last week’s $16 surplus, we have $222 left and 17 days to go. I’ve been sorely tempted a couple of times, tempted by bulk buy opportunities, by sales, by recipes I’d like to try. No Ma’am. Give me the mundane, the had-it-before, the available in my very own freezer case. I will hear no other options.

Dogs: $221. Go ahead. Gasp aloud. This many dogs gotta be fed somehow. And when they are raw eating fools, that costs money. Lots of money. $221 is actually a triumph, and within their calculated budget. That’s one 80lb delivery of 5lb chubs of ground turkey with bone and organs. Yum! At under $3/lb, for good quality (not-organic) meat, processed and delivered, including tax, I’m happy with that price. It will last us about 2 weeks. Gasp again. Go on.

I’ll provide overall totals at the end of the month (I think), but my strategy is working. In many cases, I’m not spending at all or I’m spending significantly less. Muhahahaha!

How are you doing with your own personal challenges? What strategies are you using to get through?

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Tracy Warren

I always thought I would be rich when the children grew up – now I have the dogs – Guess not.
Do I understand correctly that you spend more on dog food than people food?


This month, yes. Usually, no. But thats only because of my over inflated grocery budget. If I could run all months like no-spend, at least grocery wise, my dog food budget would vasty exceed people food. Scary.

Karawynn @ Pocketmint

You may have more pounds of pooch than of people, however. Have you tallied?

Just curious, but where do you get the turkey?

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