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Coffee with Chickens

It’s become something of a morning ritual around these parts. I used to kennel dogs, turn on my heel, and run out the door headlong into my day of rush and drama. No longer is that a possibility. These days there are a flock of Ladies that need me. Ever so briefly. My mornings are punctuated with a little of this.


Boots, gloves, a few more sips of coffee, Gaga, Blondie, Joanie, Little Bird, Cherry, and more recently, the almost integrated (and now depleted) B-Squad.

Turns out Beyonce, well she was actually Jay-Z. Sadly, we had to bid adieu to that particular pop-star. It was for the best. After her exit stage left, the Belinda and Britney are settling in. They are still lower on the avian totem pole, but they function as part of the group. They are catching up in size (no eggs yet), but I’ve faith that we can do this thing. Erm, they can. I don’t do much.

I let them out.


Making me their most favorite person. Ever. Second only to the person who feeds them (also me).

I observe.


In between those coffee slurps.

I might just have a little meaningful conversation with Lady Gaga.


What can I say? She’s a good listener.

While I still don’t believe Chickens are pets, when the time comes to say Goodbye to Gaga, I’m not going to lie, it’s going to be hard. We’ve got a rapport, me and this Head Chicken. The benevolent ruler of The Chicken House. I think she’s a pretty awesome Lady.


And a bit of looker. But, I can’t say I’ve known a lot of Chickens either.

I try not to think about their future during these early morning bonding sessions. Or mine. I sorta suck at living in the moment. It’s not my thing. I’m a planner. A do-er. Next please! is much more my thing. There’s something about these few minutes, minutes I’d swear I actually didn’t have if you’d asked me this time last year. Smuggled minutes. Muddy. Damp. And likely to only get more so. The din of the Lady talk, their excitement over a few minutes of bug hunting, it’s just enough to drown out the rest of the day.

Plus, I get some eggs. Let’s hear it for the Ladies.

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oh my, Gaga looks muy inteligente! It will be sad when she moves on.


She’s definitely the biggest thinker of my group. Not saying much in a bunch of chickens, but she’s the first to try new things and will jump for her treats. Not flap and jump, but flat footed hops straight up to get closer to the bag of scratch. It’s pretty hilarious.

Tracy Warren

Lady Gaga is a looker. Sorry about Beyonce :(


Thanks and me too. I can not believe we had 3 roosters in our first year of chickens. Sorta ridiculous. I’m hoping we won’t ever have to repeat the ‘year of the Rooster’ to this degree.


How long does a hen typically produce eggs for? ie how long will you have her before you say goodbye?


2-3 years is average for good egg productivity. Gaga hasn’t even gotten to her first birthday yet, so we’ve got some time. I have daydreams about keeping her around as queen chicken past her prime, but not sure that’s at all practical with all the medical and behavioral problems associated with aging. We’ll see.


Gaga is gorgeous!! Is she a buff orpington?


She is a buff orpington, of the first order. 😉


Lovely chickens and I’m enjoying your blog so much! I’ve also learned a few things…Didn’t know much about dog chews until now.


Ha! Not sure that’s good or bad on the dog chews. Happy to impart a little of that ‘wisdom’.

Mel Faulk

LOVE that first pic – Makes me more excited to get our chicks this spring. :)


New chicks are fun! And I really enjoy our early morning moments. Its the best part. Other than ya know, eggs.

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