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Over and Over Again

I’m running the risk of repeating myself. The same content creeps through my fingers and threatens to swallow this blog in a tide of repetition. Too many posts are becoming the redux version. Thoughts I’ve thought before, translated into content you’ve read before. Or that would at least be eerily familiar.


How’s about a picture you’ve already seen to top it all off? Well, it was only on Facebook, so that doesn’t really count. (Does it?) Lady Gaga and Rocco face off via Chicken Tractor. They’ve since come to terms with the act of mutually ignoring each other. Good for them. However, their temporary stale mate reminds me of my own. Why am I writing about the same topics over and over? Is it because I’m not making any forward progress? Am I stuck in a rut of my very own creating? Am I not giving myself the time to work my way out of those (perhaps imaginary) ruts to find the shiny new content on the other side? Are my post really that similar or do they just seem that way to me? Have I taken the act of navel gazing blogger to a new high (or low, as it were)?

An example: General Insanity. A recent post filled to the brim with excellent content (from you) about setting limits on social engagements, valuing time as your greatest resource, and taking pride in being a homebody. Today’s post was going to be about my recent busy-ass weekend, in which I was (once again) frustrated by too much to do, my own inability to graciously decline invites, reschedule, and prioritize. The dramatic conclusion of which is, I paint myself into a corner and start my week dissatisfied with my existence. So, I’m pretty sure I’ve written that post. And I’m pretty sure you’ve replied. Well. I dont want to illustrate this particular point all that effectively because, hey maybe you haven’t noticed…? Or maybe this is an on-going struggle for everyone…? And it’s ok to bring it up again (and again and…). But, it harkens back to some Dogs or Dollars classics. Blog, Dogs, Chickens, Dollars & Dirt comes to mind, specifically, with themes of no-time, over-taxed, and unable to change it running through out.

There’s the stand off. I will keep writing about the same things if I keep doing the same things. Not much of a realization, that. My posts will seem half-ass to me if I don’t give myself time for the full-ass. I won’t have time for the full-ass if I don’t prioritize how I’m spending it (the time, not the ass). I won’t be able to prioritize if I don’t shed some of the guilt associated with saying ‘No’, being a little more ruthless with my time protection, and I can’t figure out how to work the ass analogy into this transformative statement. So, I’m taking your advice. I’ll repeat that. I’m taking your advice. I’m opting out of the general insanity. I’m refocusing on Blog, Dogs, Chickens, Dollars & Dirt. We will not be stymied by those tides of repetition. If feathers must be ruffled in the process, so be it. My particular brand of navel gazing will seek to at least adjust its perspective. Promise.

On the rest of it. On dogs, on chickens, on dirt. Repetition will probably exist. On certain subjects I’m ok with being a broken record. Responsible pet ownership? That’s one of them. The wonders of growing my own food and owning my own flock of Ladies? There’s another. Except the part when I have to kill them. Less than wonder-full, I warn you. In some of these arenas, I’m still growing. My hope is that my content will too. I’ll do my best to change it up. To shake it up. A No-Spend Month is not exactly my idea of a a good time, as much as it is a vehicle for change. This blog is the ultimate form of accountability. If you ever find me whining week in and week out about the same.damn.thing. and I don’t appear to have noticed yet. Let a gal know, will ya?

How do you hold yourself accountable for your own personal ruts? How do you have the self awareness to get out of them? Am I indeed repeating myself at a remarkable rate? Or just being overly critical?
Fellow blogger-types, is this something you worry about?

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This seems to be a theme in blogging – and I’m just a reader. As a good “critical analyst” from college studies, I’d say that repetition is a sign that you’re stressing about something. Sometimes a break or a shake-it-up will make a HUGE difference in the content you produce. Some sort of “blog exchange” or participating in memes with other bloggers, perhaps? Taking one week solely to post a picture with related funny captions or stories about your current canine companions? Good luck!


Liz, thanks for the insight and advice. Lord knows I’ve got enough dog and chicken pictures to auto-pilot for a while!

Erica / Northwest Edible Life

I highly recommend getting eye surgery that totally screws up your vision for months on end. It becomes shockingly easy to say no to things under these circumstances.
But actually, there has been a strange peace with not leaving the house, not getting in the car, not going at all and being totally rooted to my house. I am, shockingly, not even going stir-crazy because I am SO excited about the potential behind No Spend Month and other great financial empowerment stuff I’m super into right now.
I think for me (to naval gaze) this time of being totally pout of control in so many areas has helped me focus on what I CAN control – my spending, notably, but also thinking about my current state of non-fitness and how to change that too.
But seriously, don’t let it take losing your vision to figure out how to decline gracefully, do less, and/or ask for help periodically.<<— says the girl who knows whereof she speaks.


Look at you are your silver lining! 😉 That’s a winking smiley not an eye patch. But yeah, help, decline, do less… all difficult for me. I’m so much more of a ‘if the going gets tough, engage warp drive’ kind of gal. I know you can relate. It’s hard for me to get to that point… of saying no. Even if I think it would feel really, really good.


With so much going on in your life, it is no wonder that you are worrying about things! I haven’t noticed that you’ve been repeating yourself.

I know on my blog, I don’t like to have two posts that are even vaguely related close in time to each other. BUT, when I write a post, I normally come up with another post on the same subject right away. It’s what’s in my head. I’ve started writing that second post, and then scheduling it a month or so out. That takes the stress off later and allows for more variety in topics. Maybe it would work for you, too.


What a great way to channel that double topic juices flowing challenge Tammy! And you are right, its not having similar topics, its having similar topics too close together calendar wise that concerns me.

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