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Money Saving Monday: Greatest Hits

We are approaching a milestone at Dogs or Dollars. A significant milestone. Actually, I’m not sure it could be a milestone if it were insignificant. Anyway, whatever. The passing of time has occurred, and with it I’ve shared a number of my ‘money saving’ tips. Today, I thought we could review ’em. Which ones do I still use? And which are total bullshit? Because as a blogger, sometimes it is just total bullshit. Like when you needlessly identify a milestone as significant.

Despite my propensity for crap, here’s ways I’m still saving the money. On Monday or any of it’s six closest friends.

Clotheslines. Indoors, always. With the recent addition of an outdoor facility.


Finding a workable model for our yard took considerable brainstorming. The Husband fashioned this out of supplies from the garage, leftover from The Chicken House, and stolen from the yards of friends. That Husband. What a guy.

Fruits of my Labor. Also known as picking free blackberries on your lunch break. I did this last year. I’m doing it this year. 11 jars of jam, 2 pies, and countless yogurt toppings later. Free berries taste best.

Amazon. Duh. Always and forever. Not only am I still saving money with The Big A, through gift cards, reward points, and comparison shopping. But, when I do buy something, say a food dehydrator, for instance, and then notice 3 days later that the price has dropped over $10. Well, then I bust out with the …

Persistence. I send an email. I ask for a discount. Because a large price drop in 72 hours, that is bullshit. Amazon agreed. In their infinite wisdom, they gave me a promotional credit for the difference.

Bulk Buying. I’m still learning here. And getting better. This years cow will be almost $1.25 less per pound than last years cow. Will it be as tasty? To be determined. I’ve recently bought boxes of cucumbers, tomatoes, apricots (those were free). All for less than retail prices. I’ve plans for peaches, apples and pears. I’m expanding my borders, redefining what I consider a ‘good price’, while stocking my freezer and my pantry,

Friends and Social Capitol. Year Four of Vacation with Friends is about to commence. To the tune of $17 a day for our lodging. Because I know people. And we share. The pictures I take for this blog, are with a fancy camera. Thanks to my friends. I canned 17 jars of tomatoes on Saturday. Thanks to a brand new friend. I am continually fortunate to have amazing people in my life. And to find new ones. This is perhaps my favorite money saver.

The Long Haul. As in, still in it for the. The Ladies are laying. Ugly Garden has done better than I thought it would. But, I’m holding on for next year, for amortized start up costs, for the benefits of auto pilot to kick in.

And that’s just off the top of my head. But, what about the bullshit? Also, not hard to find.

Showering at the gym. As a potential means to lowering our water consumption, I find I mentioned that here and here. Yeah, that’s bullshit. It’s really only deferring cost to someone else (Thank you, Miser Mom), and at an extreme personal inconvenience. I didn’t do it. I’m dropping it already.

Running Amuck. I do it. How I get away with calling that Money Saving anything is bullshit. Whether I am itch scratching, attempting to reel it in, or failing at Fiesta. Yes, I am being honest with you. I am not however, furthering my goals to break the chains of Corporate Servitude. This late in the game, that is bullshit. Don’t be like me.

Have you found any of these money savers useful? Which ones? Or are they all just bullshit?

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Thanks Gillian! Bulk buying is one of my favorites too. So gratifying to have a stocked/freezer/cupboard/fridge.


Any I can get my hands on! 😀

We have an Amazon rewards card. I request Amazon bucks for every holiday. I exchange gift cards I won’t use for Amazon ones. And I even got some affiliate money. Once.

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