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This is Beyonce.


She is the Polish member from the band of new girls. As I mentioned, some of the band will be departing for another home. Not Beyonce. Beyonce is staying. Although, I am not sure why. Beyonce is a freaky chicken.

This is a case of me not doing my research. I knew there was Polish chicken in the bunch. To which I thought “Cool!”. A thought not based in point of fact, or knowing anything about Polish chickens other than they have a bunch of crazy feathers on the top of their head. Hence, the cool part. Chicken acquisition happened rather quickly. That’s my excuse.

All those cool feathers mean these wee chickens have somewhat impaired vision, when compared with their non-cool feathered counterparts. Limited vision makes them…flighty. This is a nice way of saying Beyonce might be a schizophrenic. She’s tiny. She runs around like the road runner. With seemingly no rhyme or reason. She will freak out. Do the extra head feathers channel voices? I am not sure. I learned these things during my post-facto research. When I also learned they are not great layers. Swell.

The other Chickens Girls? Not Beyonce fans. Some less so than others. I am on the fence. The Husband though. The Husband is enamored with the freaky chicken. He has accepted her mental health issues and taken to spending extra Chicken time soothing the savage Polish. With coddling. And petting of the crazy feathers. Beyonce likes this. It causes her to fall asleep. So far, that’s the only thing about this chicken I find endearing.

My next big concern: When Beyonce meets Lady Gaga.

P.S. I very much enjoyed all the Chicken-y name suggestions. So on theme and appropriate. Thank you. Although, I am going to claim this little gem as Beyonce’s name sake. It contains worse language than I use. Be warned. But, it’s worth a read. Make sure you pee first. You’re welcome.

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Nancy Smith

OMG I never laughed so hard as I did at the Beyonce link you posted!


:) I told you. Pee first.


OMG I have been reading her book. She is a hoot. I read parts of it aloud to my family because I just have to share.


I am patiently awaiting my turn for the library copy. Can’t wait!

Crystal Wayward

I love that the Husband is fond of Beyonce. Perhaps he is like me and therefore naturally drawn to the needier, more schizo animals? Is it the same with your dogs?


Yep. That’d be an affirmative. The dumber, the more pathetic, the more love from The Husband they are likely to garner. I go for the crafty thinkers.

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