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Eggs & Lettuce

For those of you not following Dogs or Dollars on Facebook (a fact which I can totally understand), you might have missed my Monday morning squeeeeeeel at the sight of this.


Eggs! Eggs! eggseggseggseggseggs! EGGS! Technically Egg singular to begin with, but oh there were more. There’s be been 5 (FIVE!) total since Monday. Not that I’m keeping track or anything. 4-1/2 months of chicken care, suddenly totally worth it for less than half a dozen eggs.

Just last night, all this came from my backyard.


Not too shabby. One might think I’m getting the hang of this thing. Producing garden. Laying Chickens. Look at me go.

That person would have to be completely ignorant to the failure that is STILL my lettuce table.


Starts started back in early July look much the same (only worse) that they did then. No appreciable growing. Despite added soil, fish emulsion, and fertilizer.

This little romaine wants to go.


And these sprouts almost look promising.


Alas, it’s pretty late in the game at this point, and I know better. We are still in baby greens territory here.

Moral of the story: My chickens lay eggs, but I can’t grow lettuce for shit.

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Crystal Wayward

Yay!! I am so jealous of your egg(s). I’ve had an equally unfortunate gardening year but also got a small bounty of tomatoes last night. :)


Thank goodness for small bounties! I have one, maybe two, almost ripe tomatoes that much like the eggs are going to completely validate all my efforts in some completely out of proportion way.


more water! every day.


This was my first year with trying to grow greens and I also did not have a lot of success! The greens all pretty much look like yours, the ones that don’t are DEAD. My tomatoes are doing pretty good and I have a few peppers and I just spotted SEVEN tiny little cucumbers on the plant that almost died due to powdery mildew in its infancy. I’ve decided to call it a good first year because I am still motivated to try again next year. :)


Ohhh, a garden! I really wish I could have a garden but everything I touch dies. I had a mini Christmas tree in my room last year, died in 2 weeks while my mom’s lasted 2 months. Yay for homegrown fruits and veggies!

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