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Money Saving Monday: Time-Off

I’m back at work now. Oh, Corporate Servitude. I do not miss you when I’m gone. Between the 4th of July Holiday and my scheduled ‘stay-cation’, I ended up with 7 business days off work, 1 work from home day, and 2 uninterrupted weekends. Not too shabby. I get quite a bit of flack for these at home vacays of mine. No one gets it. “What are you going to do on vacation?” “Stay home?” “Oh.” As in, that’s not a vacation. As in, why the heck would you want to stay home?


We spend so much of our income (30% if you’ve got it right) paying for our houses. How are they an unappealing place to hang out? It’s an opportunity to revel in my biggest expense. Get something extra out of that Big Fat Mortgage. And save money.

The pretty blue dress pictured above is on loan from The BFF. To be used for an upcoming wedding weekend. No purchase necessary. Much as I like new clothes (on occasion), I’m not a fan of buying when I can borrow. Amongst my well established group of friends, there’s a lot of opportunity for that. Especially when you have to time to make the pilgrimage down to The BFF’s abode for a little closet shopping. Money Saved? A lot.

Then I used my week to get ahead on writing (done!). That doesn’t make me any damn money (yet,… someday). If I return packages from my birthday (cha-ching), and sell gift cards from kind hearted gifters who perhaps aren’t aware of my big box restrictions (cha-ching-ching)? Direct revenue production.

On the in-direct front is the opportunity to get lost in management of The Financial Empire. A task usually reserved for a few hours of Sunday Morning. A task The Husband calls me away from because we inevitably have ‘other things’ to do. This was my chance for uninterrupted budget building, for wants vs. needs analysis, for projections and lists of upcoming expenses. I transfered money around. I opened another wrung in my CD Ladder. I spent hours on this, with no one to stop me, and it was lovely.

It’s not that I can’t do these things when I’m working. I do. All the time. Its that with a little time off, chores become enjoyable. The variety of what I can accomplish is greater. My creative juices flow, but not necessarily my money.
That’s a nice switch.

Does anyone else partake in the stay-cation? Do you use the time to engage in creative money saving?

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Funny you mention it. We just started talking about vacation for next year and landed on a partial Staycation. We will go out of town for 2 days and the rest of the week will be spent at home enjoying all Kansas City has to offer while sleeping in my own bed. No transportation expenses, no hotel & don’t have to worry about finding someone to take care of the dogs. Ahhh what will I do with all that $ that I save monthly for vacation?
I adore hanging out at my house so you vacation plans sound wonderful to me.


Yes, no hustle bustle of leaving, sight seeing, sleeping in hotels. Don’t get me wrong sometimes that’s great. And also exhausting. I didnt take advantage of many tourism in my hometown options this year, but certainly have in years past. It can be lots of fun!


4th of July week I took vacation and didn’t go anywhere. What a treat! I hiked when everyone else was at work. I tried canning and loved it! I took great pride in the thorough cleaning I was doing.

I did a few social things, but for the most part I simply enjoyed the luxury of time.


I LOVE staycations, and would take them much more often if I could. I’m so much more productive at home. And how many of us get the opportunity to treat our home towns like a tourist spot?

Vacations are stressful, especially when almost every one of ours is a family vacation. Meaning your family and everyone else’s. It’s so hard to relax when your constantly dealing with the varying needs of all 20 extended family members that are also around.

Miser Mom

Staycation or not . . . what struck me most about this was the photo. Wow! The double reflection of the dress in the two mirrors is striking. Nice job.

Cheesy Bacon Tart

too often, in this house, staycations == work. dig up the yard. tear out a wall. cut some new doors to size. If there are long-term and incomplete house projects, then it’s very hard to take some days off and wallow in relaxation, but sometimes that’s the choice we try to make. so we drive to some b&b or rent a cabin and basically pay someone else to hide our house and chores from us for a few days.

btw, I’d be happy to loan you a fancy t-shirt or something next time you need to dress up. from food-themes to weird-al to cthulhu, I’ve gotcha covered. reasonable rates.

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