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The free seems to be flowing in my blog o’sphere lately. Lots of talk of sugary drinks, coupons, etc,. As it is still the month of my birth, I’ve cashed in on a couple Corporate Dining perks, enjoying both a shortbread cookie and burger this week at no cost to me. Also good reminders to keep up with my running. My best freebies go beyond that though.


They run right into Ugly Garden. Where I transform free planters from a friend who’s moving into what will be part of my meager fall garden.


We never did quite get around to building another bed for cool weather crops. Instead, I’m using these for broccoli, cauliflower, and hopefully a couple January King cabbages. Next year, when I get to that additional box (hopefully) I’ll re-purpose these. Expanded basil bed, I’m thinking.

Even better, I transplanted the choice ornamental contents into my front yard.


That’s like two freebies, for the price of one! If they actually had a price.

And they don’t stop there! I learned my Local Market puts boxes of discarded greens behind the store most everyday. Upon a little back of the store inspection…


Score! More organic lettuce than The Ladies can eat in a week. No worries, the rest will make for lovely compost material. The pictured bucket, also gleaned from the same back of store pilfering. I covet buckets. Buckets for hauling. Buckets for storage. Buckets for self-watering planters someday. Ahhh…buckets.

Last, not least, a free haircut.


For Ford. The dog that came to us with not enough hair to cover his little skeletor body was finally (and desperately) in need of a trim. Since he’s a Final Refuge kind of guy, he too is entitled to a few perks. Free mobile grooming from a generous local professional who donates her time and facility. We signed the Springer Girls (Abbey and Winnabelle) up for a cut too, making it worth her while. That’s still about a $40 savings. Heck of a freebie, if I do say so myself.


Ford is in agreement.

The land of free is not all carbonated sugar water, fast food, and BOGO. What have you found free lately?

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Crystal Wayward

Working for a behemoth promotional products distributor has its perks. I seem to get all manner of product samples, including clothes, mugs, bags, etc. Also, I got some really awesome, paraben-free shampoo as a Klout perk a while back.


Crystal I’ve noticed your bounty of free, which is pretty awesome. I used to get a lot more (almost too much) free schtuff when I worked for The Pet Store. Promos or slightly defective products, it was hard to turn anything down. I just used my two free Thundershirts for the dogs the other day as a matter of fact.


I received a grocery bag full of apricots from a very nice couple who was drowning in them. They made some spectacular jam and desserts (and the requisite pig out session as soon as I got them home).


I definitely benefited when my sister changed rental houses this year. She and all 5 of her roommates were moving out, so the house was completely emptied for the first time in years. At least one person had always stayed from year to year, so there was a lot of unclaimed stuff in the kitchen. I wound up with plates, bowls, and some baking equipment for my new apartment. The only cost was helping to move a few boxes.

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