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Sunday Spending: Where to Begin?

It’s been a while. A week’s vacation, one birthday party, and half way into a new month later, when last week spoke I was doubting the usefulness of these posts. To others. Not to me. Because without them, even for the last couple weeks, I’ve been off the reservation.

How do we begin to get caught up?


It all begins with eggs. At least around here. Unless, of course, you’re a chicken. Then the point could be argued.
They are at the top of my grocery list. Always. Eggs. Tuna. Peanut Butter. Not exotic choices. The basis of survival in a house of busy, gym going, protein eaters. On a budget.

Budget, you say? What budget? Certainly not the one I’ve been ignoring for the last couple weeks. Riiiight. That one.

Party spending aside, because you’ll hear more about that than you ever wanted to tomorrow, I’m still finding it painful to review recent grocery expenditures. I’m going to forgo the June re-cap entirely. That’s so last month. Focusing on the current damage done.

July Total thus far: $226. Party spending did nothing if not provide a stockpile of leftovers. This week that meant…

Local Market: $82 on expensive things: Olive oil, nuts, fish, cheese, and a few veggies.

Farmer’s Market: $51. Eggs (all important), more veggies, fruit, mushrooms.

And to review our base expenses for the month. The monthly allotment for Cow ($76/month – and still going strong) + Pig ($65/month – and just about gone. Not quite 6 months later like I originally theorized) + CSA ($72/month – until I decide to cancel it) = $213 for the month. .

Base + Total so far = $439. That would be a totally respectable place to be. Were it not for that damn party. Stay tuned.

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Crystal Wayward

I am glad you pay attention to your grocery budget. It reminds me to try to be better about that myself.


Crystal, this makes me go hmmm…. Maybe we need a weekly grocery spending roundup?

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