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Natural Flea Control

And why I think it’s bunk.

Topical flea meds are a godsend. As a kid, I remember one of our dogs having a rip roaring flea allergy. This was pre-Frontline. We were pretty much powerless against the blood sucking vermin causing her so much discomfort. It was all baths, dips, and powders. All of them noxious. None of them helping. Nowadays a monthly squirt, and she’d have been fine. Those topicals are a big improvement over the days of yore.

They are also very small amounts of pesticides. Neurotoxins even. I say again, small amounts. But, on my dogs. Somehow that is less appealing.

Peaceful dogs. Not itchy. Who knows what lurks below the spotted surface.

So every year we have this debate: to flea or not to flea? That is the question. Read more

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Money Saving Monday: Browsing Habits

This is not about how you shop at stores. Although, that could be a worthwhile post too. But no, this is about how you surf. Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome, or Safari, where do you point your browser? And does it provide you with ample money spending opportunities?


Me, amongst my numerous weaknesses detailed on the internet for all the world to see, let’s add an affinity for Etsy. Corporate Servitude affords me nothing, if not some free time in front of a computer screen. Lots of it, mostly in the form of snatched moments. Not enough time to say, write an entire blog post, but more than enough to peruse the new items from my favorite sellers. Read more

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Splurge: A New Strategy

I’ve been known to spend money on Stuff (aka junk, crap, Vikings, Yetis, and Owls). I’ve even admitted to a couple of those occasions since the inception of this blog. There’s nothing wrong with a little ‘off the reservation’ from time to time. Really, there’s not. However, for me it’s usually reactive. Not proactive. I stumble across some unanticipated awesomeness, and BOOM! Wallet aflame. Mental angst and situational remediation ensues.

Case in point: Back in December, the Urban Craft Uprising took me and my budget by storm. I was overwhelmed. Caught off guard. I was unaware such a venue for fabulous expenditure existed. I walked in blindly, and left overwhelmed and filled with regret.


This would not happen a second time. This time if I wanted to buy a carnivorous plant terrarium, I would buy a carnivorous plant terrarium. Hold the side of guilt. Read more

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Money Saving Monday: Time-Off

I’m back at work now. Oh, Corporate Servitude. I do not miss you when I’m gone. Between the 4th of July Holiday and my scheduled ‘stay-cation’, I ended up with 7 business days off work, 1 work from home day, and 2 uninterrupted weekends. Not too shabby. I get quite a bit of flack for these at home vacays of mine. No one gets it. “What are you going to do on vacation?” “Stay home?” “Oh.” As in, that’s not a vacation. As in, why the heck would you want to stay home?


We spend so much of our income (30% if you’ve got it right) paying for our houses. How are they an unappealing place to hang out? It’s an opportunity to revel in my biggest expense. Get something extra out of that Big Fat Mortgage. And save money. Read more

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Sunday Spending: Bare Cupboards.
Big Plans.

Friday found us in an abysmal state. Refrigerator-wise. Pantry-wise. Maybe ‘wise’ isn’t the right choice of words. Poor is more accurate.

No eggs. No peanut butter. No Milk. No fruit. Sustenance boiled down to yogurt, granola, cheese, a loaf of sour dough bread, an assortment of veggies and a single can of tuna. Hardly hardship. Just key staples, missing in action. Making this a week of bare cupboards and a weekend of multiple shopping trips.


Not glamour shots of groceries. Read more

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The free seems to be flowing in my blog o’sphere lately. Lots of talk of sugary drinks, coupons, etc,. As it is still the month of my birth, I’ve cashed in on a couple Corporate Dining perks, enjoying both a shortbread cookie and burger this week at no cost to me. Also good reminders to keep up with my running. My best freebies go beyond that though.


They run right into Ugly Garden. Read more

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