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Sunday Spending: Sore Muscles

This weekend I…

Bathed a bunch of dogs,
Then vacuumed, pretty much required at that point,
Celebrated a friend’s birthday,
Worked on blog excitement for tomorrow,
canned twenty or so jars of strawberry jam,


Oh yeah, and ran 13.1 miles

Which went quite well, thank you. I appreciate the support. I’m no worse for wear, other than some barking hamstrings. Makes me appreciate how easy walking downstair is usually. Right now, it’s kind of not.

What I did not do was grocery shop. Nor did The Husband. We futzed around with a menu plan, and made due with what we have on hand. It was only minor game of What’s for Dinner. We’ll have to do something during the week, but in general it’s a continuation of not paying a whole lot of attention to grocery getting. After last week’s total, we could stand to skip a week entirely.

My inattentiveness brings up some questions. If I’m not interested in my Sunday shopping habits much these days, are you? Sunday Spending posts don’t get a whole lotta comment love. That’s fine. I can see how the price of eggs in Seattle isn’t exactly debate inspiring. But do these little reports provide you (yes, that’s you I’m talking to) any value? There is certainly a value in them for me. Reporting in here keeps me on track with my spending (sometimes…occasionally). I want to make sure that rings true for the rest of you. And if not, we can adjust content accordingly. Grocery spending is a big on-going topic and expense, one we are actually in control of to some degree. I want to address it in a meaningful way. What works for you?

Just like the support for those long 13 miles, your input here is much appreciated.

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Kimberly C

You know, selfishly, I love the Sunday posts. It’s a reminder to me that I need to do my own shopping for the week, and a happy little read for my Sunday evenings. I like to have my thoughts nudged towards thinking more frugal, and knowing someone else out there is struggling to keep spending under control. I like the little notes about your weekend activities. Just my two cents!

Crystal Wayward

I think I’m on board with Kimberly C. I like the reminder to get my shopping done and done economically. For spending advice and so many other things, I usually find your posts very inspiring, even if I am unable to comment for external reasons.


I love the Sunday posts too :)


Thanks for the validation Gals!. Sunday night is a weird time on the internets, so I understand not commenting. Im not always the best commenter on the blogs I read either. Its nice to know these posts serve a purpose in someone else’s existence too.


I’m a fan of the Sunday post. But I’ve always been naturally curious about other people’s eating/shopping habits!


Totes. Love ’em!


I love your Sunday spending posts! Your blog has grown to be one of my favourites, it’s one of the few that I read every day!

Kaitlin Jenkins

Keep ’em coming! You’re keeping us all honest and accountable for our spending. 😀

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