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13.1 Tomorrow

I was working on another post for today. It’s postponed. If I posted something else, I wouldn’t be able to share this very important, very timely announcement.


Importance being completely relative.

I’m running my first half marathon tomorrow. Insert a bunch of anxiety and excitement noises here.

This is the culmination of a nearly 3 year relationship with running. Taking up running as a habit (because its not really a hobby in my mind) has been the cornerstone of the continued success of my weight loss. It was my go-to coping mechanism during my two job fiasco. It’s still my method when times get tough, and I need a little escape from me. A half marathon was a goal not accomplished for 2011. The same will not be said for 2012.

I’ve trained. Up to 10 miles at a shot twice a week. Outside, of course, to conquer all those frustrating hills and non-level surfaces that are so much more challenging than my friend the treadmill. I completed my first 5K in a time I am particularly proud of (just over 22 minutes). I came in number 7 in the women amongst approximately 300 participants. Number 3 in my age bracket. I didn’t expect that.

I’ve picked up my packet. I’ve got my number. Shoes laced up. Plan in place.

All that’s left is to just do the thing.

Nervous. So nervous. This is a huge race. The logistics are a little intimidating. The crowds. The lining up. The parking. That’s what I’m worried about. Not can I run it, but will I get in someone’s way? Will I be too hot? Too cold? Will I be able to find The Husband post race?

If these are my concerns, I’ll do fine. Probably

I slept in this morning, skipping my usual Friday morning Gym foray. I’ll eat pretty big tonight (burgers, fries and cookies! It is Friday), but skip the alcohol. I’ll go to bed early.

I’ll totally rock this thing come Saturday 7am. Just don’t examine my bravado too closely.

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Yeah for you!!!


Oh wow! Congratulations on making it this far. I wish you great success (and speedy results) on Saturday.

Miser Mom

Woo-hoo! I’ll be cheering for you! As I told my sister when she ran hers, Good Luck, and Get Well Soon! -MM

Crystal Wayward

By now, I’m sure you are finished with the race, and I hope it was a great run. I’m in awe of my friends who are running 5Ks and marathons this summer. Doing at least the former is gonna have to go on my Goals list for next year.


I keep checking it to see how it went! hope everything went well. I am really having trouble working out in the heat here in the middle of the country. Cannot seem to banish the fatigue or rubber leg syndrome that my trainer says is dehydration. yuck!

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