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I’m very excited to have a guest post up at NW Edible today. Check out what I’ve learned during my first year with Ugly Garden in Be Not Discouraged.

If you are new to Dogs or Dollars, Hi! Hello, howdy do. Welcome.


If you’ve got a sec check out some of my greatest hits.

Read about my Journey from Corporate America, back again, the lessons I learned, and am perhaps still learning.

My thoughts On Being a Foodie and the egregious amount I spend on groceries. Contrast that with the things I don’t buy and my attempts to nickel and dime myself into an increasingly robust emergency fund.

If you’re a dog person, Meet My Mutts, see how much I spend on them (eek!), what I don’t buy for them, my thoughts on pet food (and making food), plus the all important dog bed manifesto.

Not a fan of dogs? How about Chickens?

Existing Dogs or Dollars readers, sorry for the interruption today. A regularly scheduled post will be back manana. I’m hoping you are all already NW Edible readers. If not, you should be. Even if you don’t live in the Northwest, there is loads of info on starting seeds, why you should grow them under lights, and how to save money on those seeds in the first place. This blog has been a lifeline for me when I inevitably screw up all thing Urban Homestead. Plus, Erica is no Personal Finance slouch. I’ve really enjoyed reading about her No Spend Month Challenges and some of great tools she’s developed like Fun Cards (freaking genius!). I’m hoping she’ll do another challenge this year!

And finally, a big Thank You shout out to Erica for featuring my post!

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Miser Mom

Welcome back from the awful flu! I’m so glad you’re back on your feet (or at least, up to using your typing fingers) again. It was fun reading you in two places on one day. Way to go on that guest post! The welcome mat over here on this side of your bloglife is perfect.


My welcome mat is a little worn, which I feel is completely appropriate. 😉

Two places, one day, I’m sorta dizzy. Or maybe I’m not feeling all that much better.

Stay tuned for tomorrow MM. There’s math-y stuff. I’ll need you.

Crystal Wayward

Love this blog primer post. Smart way to take advantage of a guest posting opportunity to help build your reader base!

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