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And So It Begins…

Much ado about food this week. Or much To Do with food.

The bulk of those strawberries I picked up in Oregon, made their way into the freezer.


With that small act, the season of food preservation is officially upon us.

But, we didn’t stop with mere freezing…That would be too easy!

Oh no, somehow in my multiple grocery posts this week, I failed to mention the procurement of 8lbs of local asparagus. Picked up from a roadside stand during our harried Sunday journey from East to West. At $1.79/lb, I could not resist.


Some we ate fresh, but I had bigger plans in mind. Pickling plans.

We haven’t canned a thing since apple butter in January. While we had all apparently most of the supplies on hand, we were uhm a little rusty in our execution.

Plus, pickling is just a pain in the ass!


Its all the regular canning concerns, in addition to adding seasoning to each jar (pickling spices, red pepper, lemon and garlic in this case), and don’t forget the brine! Constant motion. And a big fat mess.


I’m not going to lie. This project was more than a little exhausting after a long day at work. I used my swanky new Food in Jars cookbook, which concerned me a little in that it asked for pint jars.

Pint jars are short. Asparagus is tall. This makes for lots of wasted asparagus stalk.


We quickly switched to taller, fatter quart jars, which resulted in only slightly less lots of wasted asparagus stalk. Worry not. The Ladies and my pack of merry misfit mutts were all to happy to partake. We also at some of the middle parts for dinner. No fancy tops. Yummy all the same.

More hours than we had (almost two), a trip to the store for lids we also didn’t have, and one broken jar later.


The meager results. Well, the pint sized ones anyway. After broken jar drama, I was no longer interested in photographic evidence.


Pickled Asparagus? Perhaps not worth it. Just putting that out there.

However, I will not be deterred. Our initial spastic effort aside, it did in fact result in canned food. Probably good canned food. We will work on our process. There’ll be plenty of opportunities.

Or, I end up with a lot of frozen berries.

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Totally worth it! I LOVE pickled asparagus.


I love pickling vs canning tomatoes. I don’t boil the jars after I pour the hot vinegar mix into them, and still get a good seal – and after 10 years have had great success. I have a recipe for dill pickles with hot peppers added that are addictive. I find them so easyu to make that I end up with about 100 quarts most years, depending on the cuke harvest.


I’ll share my crockpot apple butter recipe if I can get Trish’s for dill pickles with hot peppers. Yum! And 100 quarts! Wowza!

Luke – You are not the first person who has expressed that sentiment. 😉


I didn’t know that people pickled! Go figure?! I bet it’s fabulous though! I bought a big local bunch this week and have been stir-frying it… Yummy!!


Carla – I’m learning you can pickle most anything!

Update: Local grocery stores and Farmers Markets in my area are selling local asparagus for $5 to $7/lb. Makes my $1.79 all the sweeter.

Update to the Update: My pickled asparagus = yummy. I popped open a can last night, attempted to share it with friends. Failed. Brought it home and at most of the rest of it today. The effort seems suddenly much more worth it.

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