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Sunday Spending: Abroad

Groceries were a little interrupted this week. Being gone for the weekend does that. Planning, menus, and lists get a little bit squishy. What we lacked in plan, we attempted to make up with for our rural location. We are in the midst of agricultural country, and the local Farmers Market here kicked off this weekend. The whole community came out for live music, arts and crafts, vendors, and most importantly food.


Strawberries. Oh, yes. In May. Small and sweet, I am so happy to see you. I bought a 1/2 flat for $15. I contemplated buying more. I probably should have. It’s early in strawberry season yet, but that decision may haunt me.

Most of the veggie performance was pretty paltry. Spinach, lettuce, brocoli. We are experiencing a glut of spinach at home, so I passed on most of it. I did get a small bundle of green onions for $1, which put my current batch of pixie sticks to shame.

Lamb. I had a good chat with a local meat farmer. We like lamb on occasion. I’m very picky about the sourcing and the flavor, so we rarely buy any. Today I did, $30 for almost 4lbs. We will roast it for one meal, then eat it for gyros. I’m looking forward to it.

Salmon. Chinook, local, wild, smoked and fresh. $16. Fresh for dinner. Smoked for lunch. The smoked was particularly tasty. I’ve high hopes. This may be something else I should have bought more of.

Eggs. We all know I can’t survive without eggs. In our neck of the wood, we pay $6 per dozen for product from happy chickens. Here, we grabbed them from an honor fridge on the back porch of a farm house. $3 per dozen. $9 total. I would have bought more, if I thought I could get away with.

Weekly Total: $71. The plan is to round out the menu with what we already in the kitchen and the garden. However, since I am currently 5 hours away from both those facilities, I may be over estimating our supplies. We won’t know until we get there if a supplementary trip is in order. We’ve a little wiggle room anyway. Last week’s total was $385. Plus, our Farmer’s Market trip its $456 for the month.

Could I have bought all this in Metropolitan Seattle? For the same price? I was both impressed with the price difference (eggs, onions and strawberries) and not so much (lamb and salmon). Sustainable, grass fed meat? It’s just expensive, and maybe it should be. Anywhere you go.

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Foo – you beat our egg price by a dollar. We went to the ‘farmers market’ down on the Oregon coast which had one tent that sold produce (salad greens purchased) and one tent that had a dozen eggs for $4 in a variety of delightful colors! That’s 2 tents out of 10 or so with food. Heh. I do believe that’s called a tourist farmer’s market for you.

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