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Meet the Mutts: Jaime

You’ve met the Girls. Now, let us commence, with the boy portion of events. Speaking of those girls, I don’t recommend them. At least not in threes. Don’t get me wrong, I love Abbey, Winnabelle, and Hannah Banana fiercly. It’s one of those situations where, had I a mulligan to exercise, I would not get three girls. Girls are well, they’re bitches. Plain and simple. They posture more. They guard. They are upwardly mobile. They are thinkers. All has not always been flowers and peace amongst our trifecta of canine ladies.

By the time we bought our first house, we’d had a rotating 4th foster dog on and off for about a year. Mostly of the Dalmatian persuasion. Dalmatians are one of those dog breeds (like Pugs by the way) that love other Dalmatians. Hannah needed a brother official, and we needed a boy in the mix to break up the girl party. Need being a completely subjective word in this case.

Hello, Jaime.


A dog of many names. AKA J.J., Jay, Jaimer, Jaimer-Pie, Pie, Pie-Pie, Pie-Face, Jim, Jim-Jam, Jimminy, Jimmy, Jimmy-Jam, Maj, Major Pain. He answers very reliably to all these, but is a particular fan of Jaimer-Pie.

Jaime is like winning the Dalmatian Lottery. He and his brother were dropped off at a rural shelter at 10 weeks old. The remains of a litter that didn’t sell. The rescue we were fostering for at the time scooped them up as the highly adoptable boys they were. The catch is, they didn’t get adopted. Chubby, squishy, spotted, and particularly cute boys, no one was the right fit. That tends to be the challenge with Dalmatian puppies. Lots of interest, for all the wrong reasons.

We weren’t Jaime’s foster parents, as we were in the midst of our own foster challenge, but he did stay with us for a couple over night visits. We met at dog parks, and Hannah and he hit it off. Remarkably well.

So 4 months later, when we were no longer renters and Jaime was still without permanent home, home we brought him.


Jay is the anti-Dalmatian. He has not ever been what you could call “high energy”. In fact, Jaime’s past times include couch potato extraordinaire, chief snuggler, sunbather, and pretty much anything that can be qualified under “lazy”. He is very perplexed by things like “fetch”, really not seeming to grasp the point of all that back and forth. The few times I have made him accompany me on runs, he acts like I am torturing him, and upon our return, insists on not moving the entire rest of the day. Sometimes long walks are asking too much.

Despite his lack of motivation, Jaime is everyone’s friend. He may not want to race, but he’s always game for a little wrestling followed by a nap. He also has a keen sense of humor, and is very fond of delivering a good wet nosed goose to whatever robed or toweled individual emerges from the bathroom, post shower.


He has been known to cash in his ‘good dog’ chips from time to time, in the interest of making off with a choice item from a counter or desk top. As the tallest dog in the house, he is at a distinct advantage. If I had to choose another fault, its that he’s a wuss. Jaime is never going to protect you from anything ever. Unless you need a room cleared via noxious gas. In which case, he’s your guy.


It’s pretty hard not to forgive him all these things, and then some. He is the dog ever at your side (unless you are moving too fast), always ready with a nudge, a snuggle, deep meaningful sigh, and questioning eyes, asking “Wouldn’t you like a nap?”.

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Lindy Mint

Awww. Cute spotted puppy nose. I have no desire to own a dog, so I’ll just melt at the pictures of yours.

PS: Lazy dalmation? Sounds like a heavenly combination.


Ha! That is a service I am happy to provide to the non-dog interested public.

And yes, lazy+Dalmatian=Awesome. In my experience with Dalmatians, especially boy Dalmatians of which I’ve fostered many, its not actually that unusual. Male Dalmatian, 3 to 5 years old, typically less than crazy train. More professional couch ornament.


Oh, Jaime’s a handsome guy. My issues have cropped up not over boy or girl, but purebred vs mixed. I had an insane pomeranian male that made life hell with his craziness (which we at the time didn’t know how to handle) and now have a blue heeler girl who is bully in chief.

Jamie’s counterpart in our house would have to be our treeing Walker coonhound – a stray, we don’t hunt. She is sooo sweet, and is oblivious to the blue heeler’s bullying, which she takes very goodnaturedly. BTW, who knew there were so many dogs bred to hunt raccoons? I was amazed at all the coonhounds at the Westminster show back in Feb, and the Walker coonhound isn’t even listed.


But who’s “team” is Jaime on?!?


Doh! Forgot the team affiliation. After much debate, it has been determined that Jaime is a member of The Husband’s team. However, he’s been known to be a turncoat, based on who is spending time on the couch currently.

Trish – You are a brave soul for taking on a hounds and heelers! Woof! That’s quite the household combination.

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