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Meet The Mutts: Hannah

And then there were three.

When Abbey and Winnabelle were about a year and a half old, we thought it would be a good idea to get another dog.

Why? I do not know, but it was a turning point. Two dogs is normal. Three dogs though. Three dogs is a slippery slope to crazy town.

Appropriately, Enter Hannah. And our introduction to rescue.

AKA, Hannah-Banana, Banana-Fanna, Banana, Boo-Boo, Boo, Boo-Squirrel. Seriously, where do these things come from?


She may look mild mannered. Don’t let her fool you. Hannah has one goal. Total world domination.


However, like many super-villians before her (think Dr. Evil) Hannah is insecure.

If Winnabelle is the leader of our pack, Hannah would like to think she is. Until, times get tough or things get scary. Then, it’s Winnabelle all the way.

Hannah is Bossy Boots. And she’s a yeller. She’s the first to bark, at something, anything. Who knows what, really. And the last to stop. She will sound the alert. Make no mistake, it is an alert. A red one.

She is not quick with her affections or her trust. Stranger Danger. She is very suspicious of anyone in ball caps, or hats of any type, sunglasses, people with funny voices and facial hair. I’ve thought of offering her services to Homeland Security.


To her credit, Hannah comes by her apprehensive nature honestly. She was dropped in a night drop box at a rural shelter as a puppy. When we got her, she was still 10lbs underweight and scared of men, the dark, loud noises, and basically her shadow. That was after a couple weeks with a lovely rescue. Baby Hannah was a mess.

Ten years later though, that’s no excuse for bad behavior. And she knows it. Despite her troubled beginning, Hannah has lived a blessed existence since the age of sixteen weeks. She’s been to countless obedience classes, and had a brief agility career. We’ve spent lots and lots of time together, Hannah and I. Conversely, even if she doesn’t trust the world, she trusts me. The Husband too. But, I claim Hannah for my team.

Dalmatians get a bad rap. High energy, biters, stupid, mistrustful. With all the Dalmatians I’ve had in my home, I would argue that analysis. Still, Hannah could have been one of ‘those dogs’. She’s not.

Maybe that’s because she’s smarter than the average bear, which she is. Hannah is super sensitive to mood, body language and surroundings. She can run an agility course like a herding breed. And despite all that cagey behavior, I have never seen a dog make friends the way Hannah does. Once you are in her club, she will great you will squeals and leaps of pure spotted joy.


But look out for that tail. It’s the only throw back to her early emaciation. For whatever reason, it never developed appropriate padding. It’s spinal column wrapped in skin, travelling at a very fast speed. She wags it a lot when she is happy to see you. It hurts. Moreover, it leaves bruises.
It’s the price we pay for Hannah’s love.

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Hannah is so pretty, and lucky too!


what a pretty girl! I love hearing about your dogs’ personalities. My tomato eater, Rex, had an emergency trip to the vet this morning. Blood was coming out of his mouth at an alarming rate. Turns out he had a large cut on the underside of his tongue. He’s a chewer and scavenger, so he may have gotten into the recycling. 100 lbs of goofiness!


I just fell in love with a dalmation named Hannah. Love the slippery slope to crazy town. When I got my 3rd dog a friend told me kiddingly of course, “You so white trash.” I promised myself I would stop at 3 but oh I have so much room in my heart for more. Just not in my home :)


I’ll let Hannah know about her internet fan club. She won’t be surprised.

Trish – Rex the tomato eater makes me laugh! Goodness knows what they get in to. Glad it was something minor.

You should see the reactions I get from people when they find out how many dogs I have. There is an obvious assumption that I simply *must* live in squalor. Are our clothes peppered with a little too much hair every no and again? Sure. But, we aren’t ready for our episode of Hoarders just yet. 😉


at our house dog hair is a condiment

I stole that from Pinterest


soooooooooooooooo cute

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