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Chickens: Week Six

In which they become strikingly similar to real chickens and move out of my damn house!

That’s right girls are moving on up! And more importantly out! They’ve feathers of their own, no longer needing supplementary heat. They are ready for their very own digs.

See for yourself. Our girl Cherie at six weeks.


I like how she matches the hardwoods. Its Rhode Island Red Camouflage.

Last week in the sunshine

And to continue with the time lapse, you’ll remember Week Four


Week Three


Week Two


And brand new.


She’s almost grown up. Looking down right, well… almost eat-able as she fills out. We won’t pay her that particular compliment though.

Here’s the rest of the doings in the World of Chicken.

The Great Outdoors. We’ve been enjoying some banner Spring weather. So have our mini-hens. They’ve been outside nearly every day for a couple hours at a shot. Safely enclosed in a portable

, but scratching, pecking and chick-ing it up nonetheless.


Our containment arrangement led to only one hilarious chicken jailbreak. Quickly squelched.

With Dogs. Inside the house, Chickens have become part of the landscape. Totally ignorable by all canine inhabitant. Outside the house? BIRDS! For some family members more than others. Terrier family members, let’s say. And their pug sidekicks, easily swayed by peer pressure. We’ve been keeping the Ladies safe within that X-Pen, moving it behind the garden fence for extra security if we are distracted. In addition, there has been some rudimentary training. Walking by chickens on a leash. Reinforcing leave-it. Ignoring any carrying on about BIRDS BEING IN OUR YARD. As if we didn’t notice. I think this will get better once the girls are permanent outside residents.

Solar Light. It lives. And it will light up the coop. For the 2 hours required in the mornings. Cobbled together mostly from remnants of a friends project, it wasn’t as expensive as I thought. In fact due to the beauty of barter, it hardly cost me a thing.

The coffee cans, while attractive, are unrelated.

Poop Update. The all important state of the chicken poop. As with the Lady Birds, its gotten bigger! Just recently. In the last couple of days our volume of poo seems to have increased exponentially. If thats not an indicator that the girls need a new home, I don’t know what is. I’ll spare you pictures of this specific aspect of chicken keeping.

Little Bird. Last, but not least our tiniest chicken, fittingly referred to as Little Bird. Half the size of everyone else, we aren’t sure why. She eats. She poops. She gets in there with the bigger girls.

Here she is next to Cherie to highlight the size difference. It’s worrisome. Is it coccidia? If so, she’s had it for a while, not died, and no one else appears affected. There have also been none of the tell-tale signs. She hates to be separated from the others, and I’d rather not stress her. Could this just be a general failure to thrive? She is pleasant and energetic, and for the time being, we coo over her and call her Little Bird. I’ve added just a touch of Apple Cider Vinegar to their water, and give them yogurt a couple time a week. Both of which is supposed to help. As an aside, Chickens love yogurt, and when they eat it, hilarity ensues.

The finishing touches on the coop are going in today. The run is under construction. The girls world is about to be rocked! Who will their first time out of the house be harder on, them or me? I was planning another chicken update at 8 weeks, but I’m long over due on the big coop reveal. I’ll share that sooner rather than later.

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I think your Little Bird is actually a bantam, not a full sized hen. There must have been a small mix-up at the hatchery and she ended up in your box. Post more pics as she matures. I love bantams.


A bantam! I did not even consider that as a possibility! She will lay cute little mini eggs! I love it.

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