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Buying Pet Food Online: Mr. Chewy

Crystal over at Wayward Dogs and I are teaming up for our review of Mr. Chewy. After you’ve read what I have to say, go check out Crystal’s perspective!

I was asked to try a service. One I’d never tried before.


Buying pet supplies on-line. I buy a lot of things online, unconventional things even; Borax, Washing Soda, Lye, even paper clips for the Garden. Not pet supplies though. For that, I support my local peeps whenever possible.

However, I am fortunate to live in a part of the country with a robust community of independent Pet Supply Stores. Stores that don’t sell animals, of any type. Stores that carry the best of the best in regards to food and supplements. Sometimes when I reference foods I would feed, I worry people are at a disadvantage not having access to those.

With that in mind, when I got an email from a representative at offering a $50 coupon, if I should choose to do an honest interview (no-strings attached), I did two things:

#1. I checked their selection.
#2. I pondered the usefulness of this to my readers.

This was closely followed by #3 sending an email to confirm that this was truly going to be an honest review. I sent them this warning: I’ve no shortage of opinions.

Keeping in mind those readers, who want to do right by their pets in the nutrition department, but may not have access to a wide variety of quality products, and seeing as I’d never purchased such products online, I figured this was a valuable exercise.

Here’s the what’s what about MrChewy, according to me.

Selection. I get the feeling Mr. Chewy is branching out. Expanding his horizons. Delving into that “super-premium” market. There is a lot of good. My all-time favorite Champion Pet Foods, makers of Acana and Orijen, Petcurean’s Go! and Now!, Taste of the Wild is represented, as is Canidae. There are even some freeze-dried raw and dehydrated options. Then there’s the garbage. Beneful, Pedigree, Purina. Bleck, Bleck, Bleck. That’s the worst of it, but there are a load of others I wouldn’t feed; Royal Canin, Science Diet, the list goes on. Normally, I would not shop somewhere with these products on the shelf. But, if I’m looking at this as someone with a limited selection, then beggars can’t be choosers.

Prices. As in their’s ain’t bad. Believe it or not. Orijen is right within manufacturer recommendations, as is Taste of the Wild. I’ve always had the impression that shopping on-line for such items would be cost prohibitive. I think in many cases it is, but not at MrChewy. Not only are their prices competitive, but I’ve seen several 15% coupon codes floating around the internet. Nab one of those, and it’s down right deal worthy. Especially because…

Free Shipping. This is where MrChewy is changing the game on on-line pet food purchases. Free shipping on all orders over $49. $49 is pretty easy to spend on decent food. So you can get that bag of Acana at your doorstep free of charge. All my previous look-see’s into online food purchases were nixed due to the shipping charges alone. I’m not sure how they are doing it with their reasonable prices, but take advantage of that free shipping. Its a steal.

My Experience. My dogs aren’t currently eating a whole lot of kibble. Only half of them are eating it at all actually. What we are always in need of are treats. I ordered a couple of my favorites.

Nuzzles from Honest Kitchen.


Duck, barley, dried cherries, coconut oil, molasses. Ingredients I can get behind, which is something I will not say for most biscuit style cookies. I even like the looks of them.

Speaking of Duck, I also picked up Duck Liver PureBites.


For my dog not eating grains, even barley. PureBites are made in the USA, with simple ingredients, and reasonably priced. What’s not to like there.

And because I am a sucker for a new product, a bag of K-9 Natural Freeze Dried Lamb.


It’s a raw diet, with a lovely ingredient list, you rehydrate prior to serving. They incorporate tripe into their food, and use whole foods (no synthetic supplements). It would be cost prohibitive for me to feed full time, but is a nice rotation option. We are using it for our foster dog, and the nuggets make convenient treats.

The products arrived one week after I ordered them, which isn’t too shabby for free cross country shipping from PA to WA. Although using them as your regular supplier would require some advance planning.

In Summary. There is no replacement for your local independent pet supply. If you are lucky enough to have one in your area, patronize them. Better yet, make friends. If they know their stuff, their advice is going to be invaluable.

If you don’t have such a place in your zip code, then MrChewy fills that gap. And does it well. With reasonable prices and good selection (minus a few lines they should drop).

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Crystal Wayward

Great thorough review! Thanks for introducing me to some new products. i feel like I should have consulted you for suggestions before I placed my order! Thanks for the linky love!

Nancy Smith

I’ve been wanting to get a better quality cat food, but it is so cost prohibitive with 6 cats (plus a few outdoors in my TNR feral group) that I’ve never made the leap. I just may have to try some with MrChewy! Thanks for the review!

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