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Sunday Spending: Neglect

Last week there was no Sunday Spending post. Shhhh. Don’t tell.

This week, I am playing catch-up, but I will not be gracing you with a picture of my groceries.
No. Instead you get…


Fluffy Chicken butts in the sunshine.

I think that’s more entertaining, don’t you? And definitely more indicative of how we’ve been spending our time. That is to say, not on grocery shopping.

April has gotten away from us with no strategy and very little planning in the people feeding department. Things haven’t been out of control on a spending level, but with crunch time in the garden well underway, we’ve been…distracted.

Let’s get caught up though, shall we?

Last week: $27 Farmers Market, $64 at the Local Market and $7 miscellaneous on our contribution to community breakfast. I have no idea what all we purchased. That’s the breaks of not doing your recording real time. It was yummy food. We ate it. I know because we needed more food, bringing us too…

This Week: In which tried to do some stocking up. With the neglect of the groceries, we’ve been living a little more hand to mouth. The What’s For Dinner Game has been extra-challenging of late.

Farmers Market: $83. for 2 Whole Chickens, 2 dozen eggs, smoked peppers, peanuts, and parsley.

Grocery Outlet: $21. A stop we haven’t made in quite some time. We loaded up on local bread for the freezer, chips, organic bananas, sardines and apple cider vinegar (for dogs).

Local Market: $63. Granola, cheese, PB, olives, fish, tortillas and miscellaneous produce, mostly for the dogs. How am I going to start tracking that separately? Hmmm.

Miscellaneous: $20 for Milk from a local Dairy. We’ve been ordering this every other week for a while. I don’t think I’ve been accounting for it on Sundays, because it doesn’t come on Sundays. Whoopsie!

Total this week: $187. Add to that $98 from last week, our two week total is $285.

When last we talked shop(ping), our running tally for April was at $289, bring us to $574 for the month. If I can keep it under $650 for the month, I will still be in the black, higher than March, but still on my multi-month trend of under $750. For a month where I’ve been paying attention to most everything except the grocery budget, I’m quite happy with that.

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Miser Mom

Love the fluffy chicken butts!

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