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Meet the Mutts: Winnabelle

Dog Two (but who’s keeping tabs) in our Meet the Mutts series.


Winnabelle. Abbey’s litter mate. Although, neither is defined by that identity.

AKA: Belly, Belly-Smelly (and vice versa), Smell Bell, and Spring Two.

Shortly after we purchased Abbey, a family member thought it would be a good idea to get their own super cute baby Springer. They responded to an ad in the paper for a family looking to re-home a puppy they had recently purchased. Recently purchased from the same place we had recently purchased our own puppy. This was confirmed by AKC papers. Our girls were from the same litter. Turns out the family members were not prepared for the challenge that our girl (and all puppies really) had to offer. We were quickly asked to ‘puppy-sit’, which even more quickly became a permanent situation.

And so Abbey and Winnabelle were reunited. By our math they were apart for about 3 weeks.

Then there’s that name. Who names a dog Winnabelle? I do. Inadvertently. Belly came to us as Winnie, a name which we have never called her to this day. A name she was familiar with at 12 weeks old. Not wanting to rock her world too much, but also wanting to change her name to Belle, I combined the two. Thinking it would be a “transitional name”. It would quickly morph into Belle, no problem. No dice. She has been Winnabelle ever since. I think it suits her fine.


Winnabelle is the true leader of our pack. Others may play the part, but everyone defers to Belly in times of stress or uncertainty. This is a good thing, because in a pinch she is rock solid. Winnabelle is nothing if not a good girl. Just a good dog really. A good solid, by your side, loyal Dog, with a capitol D. Winnabelle is the kind of dog they write books about.

As the resident good dog (because we do not have many of those), she is also the self-appointed referee, enforcing a strict “No Shenanigans” policy. If she deems play has gotten to out of control or looks like it might, she will sound the alert, letting us know all is not well.

But, don’t let her good girl act fool you. Belly has her own dark secrets. She is the stealer of all things paper in this house. She skulks away with stray receipts, grocery lists, mail, and even money so she can suck them into sloppy, pulpy, sometimes ruined, always illegible mess.

And while filling her role as the fun police, she will be stealing all the best toys on the sly. Hiding them in her kennel, and then fiercely guarding them from all interlopers. It’s not her fault the others were engaged in such tom foolery, they neglected their toys. She’s only the beneficiary.


We forgive her these faults. As we forgive her each and every time, she plants herself directly behind where you are standing in the kitchen. On her back. Legs in the air. It’s the belly-rub booby trap. You may almost fall to your death, but you will rub Belly’s belly.

Because she is a good dog.

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so cute! I had a dog much like Winnabelle. Her name was Pixie and was total enforcer, would even stop the cats from scratching on the furniture! I miss Pix…


Thanks Charmaine. Winnabelle is a benevolent leader, so we let her get away with a lot.

I should also further clarify, Winnabelle is the charter member of The Husband’s team.

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