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Meet The Mutts: Abbey

Doggie intro’s have been much requested. It seems everyone wants to know a little more about my merry band of misfits. In order to avoid writing the pooch version of War and Peace, this will be a series in X parts. How many parts you say? I guess you’ll know at the end, won’t you?

We must begin with the beginning.

Abbey. It all started with Abbey.


Disclaimer: All my dogs come with a litany of ridiculous nick-names. Lovey-Dovey jibberish they miraculously answer to. In case you didn’t think I was enough of any idiot about my dogs, I will share those with you, if only to embarrass myself further.

AKA Ab, Abra, Abracadabra, Abbey McSpaniel, Ab Span, Wabber, Spring One (her sister is Spring Two – Think Dr. Seuss).


You can read more about Abbey’s trials and tribulations here. In a nutshell, she’s a 12 year old field bred Springer Spaniel, with a myriad of health problems. But, Abbey is more than the sum total of her malfunctioning parts. To this day, even with her graying brows and jowls, we get asked how old she is. As in, is she a puppy? Abbey primary affliction is from a disease (albeit an imaginary one), called PPD, Perpetual Puppy Disorder. Like the Toys-R-Us kids of my youth, Abbey don’t wanna grow up. Never has, and even in her dotage, I suspect she never will.

Abbey is energy-full. That is an understatement. She is 32lbs of happy.

dp_ abbey3

dp_ abbey2

If we were writing her online dating profile, it would go a little something like this…

Energetic, practical spayed female, in her sunset years, but not ready for retirement yet. Seeks constant companionship, emphasizing constant. Likes include howling in joy, barking for attention, power snuggling, therapy swimming, and staring longingly into your eyes. Not interested in sharing affections, bossy bitches or pushy pugs.

Above all else (this would not be included in her profile) Abbey loves me. We have teams around here, my team and The Husbands. Abbey is the team captain for my side. She’d just prefer it was a team of one. She would follow me into the pits of hell, and wag her nub of a tail while doing it, just because we’d be together.


Abbey was the only dog to be an ‘only dog’. It didn’t last long though. Next Week: Winnabelle.

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Nancy Smith

What a sweetie!


Silly nicknames? I called my precious Mookie ‘cocoa puff’ because of the old commercial where the cartoon bird tries cocoa puffs cereal and runs around shrieking ‘I’m coo coo for cocoa puffs’. I could go on but it’s just embarrassing. Oh, wait how about Rex – He’s Rexie and he knows it!


Can’t wait to meet the rest of the pack. My Jack Russell/Chihuahua mix has the regal name of Ceaser. Ummmm, we call him Muffin 99% of the time b/c he is a lovey muffin. I love it.


Oh, and he is NOT on my team. He’s always been a boy lover and snuggles, sleeps, hides, seeks refuge with my boyfriend all the time. I think he tolerates me.


Thank you so much for deciding to introduce the pack, I am looking forward to meeting the rest soon :0) I am so glad I am not the only one who has numerous silly names for my dogs – I thought I was alone in this! (Skip, Skippety hips, Hooby, The hoobster as one example). I just love your photos too, you have really managed to capture the soulful look in Abbey’s eyes, and the photo you had of Hannah a week or two ago was just beautiful.


I want Abbey on MY team!

Mrs. GV

I figured all pet owners had nicknames for their pets. lol My Macy liked to “kiss” us when she was a pup, so she is Smoochy, Moochy, Macy-Cakes, etc. Pearl has only been with us a couple months but she is Pearl the Girl so far.

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