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Chickens: Week Two

Sub-title: Bigger, Louder, Messier, and as I suspected, ever so slightly less, cute.

I probably won’t subject you to a chicken update every week. However, these first few seem sorta crucial. It’s interesting stuff (to me). Assuming my chicks were 3 days old when I picked them up, they are 2 weeks today. Two weeks, and things, they are a-happening.

Meet Cherie.

Cherie last week:

Cherie this week:

Taller, less round, and a whole lot more wing feather. Pretty ones even.


These wing feathers showed up, seemingly over night. As in, I walked in the laundry room and said aloud “Where the heck did those come from?” My chickens grow. I must be doing something right.

This week has also brought additional dog visits.


No one was eaten in the capturing of this moment. While there is dog interest it is restrained. Mostly, they’d like to know what all the ruckus is about. And as you can see by some of those eye balls, chicks ponder dogs as dogs ponder chicks.

Other new and noteworthy is a lowered temperature, now fluctuating between 80-85, versus the 85-90 last week. This is still about 5 degrees lower than recommended, but everyone is getting on fine. The eating of their first worms, not captured. The cliff notes are they didn’t know wtf to do.


And its getting a little crowded in there. Food dishes get pushed over, and they are dangerously close to being able to flap their way out of their rubbermade home. These girls are going to need bigger accomodations, soon. Plans are in the works. I naively thought we’d get at least 3 weeks out of their current brooder. I now think, we will be addressing it this weekend.


Silly growing Chickens.

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I think I missed what kind of chickens you got for your flock. Can you tell me what breeds they are? I especially think the reddish ones (Cherie) is pretty.

We will be getting chickens hopefully this weekend. Can’t wait. We are first time chicken parents and are trying to read and learn as much as we can. We, too, just cleaned out our shed so it can be pressed into service as a coop. As we are in Northern Minnesota (zone 3), we won’t have to worry about getting them outside any time soon, so we’ll have plenty of time to “remodel” the shed. My honey is not looking forward to that part!

Thanks for the info.


We have Rhode Island Reds, Barred Rocks and Buff Orpingtons. Cherie is a RIR, and I think she is particularly charming.

Congrats on your chickens! First timers here too! They grow very, very fast. It’s pretty amazing! You’ll need that coop before you know it! 😉

Crystal Wayward

They are so cute! I’m excited to hear how this project turns out and how you ultimately keep the dogs from eating any of the birds.


I think the key to keeping chickens from being dog (or raccoon) snackage is really going to be the chicken fortress! Right now it’s about desensitizing chickens to dogs and dogs to chickens. But, honestly I don’t expect everyone to be BFF’s. Just co-exist in circles that over lap here and there. Like in the backyard with supervision. If I can do that, I’ll be happy.

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