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Just a Car

Rounding the corner on my car debt with payment five of eight just made, speeding towards the June finish line, one broken tire, and a consistent 36 mpg later, it is now just a car.


There is no more new car smell. Any policies of ‘No Eating’ or ‘No Dogs’ have long since been abandoned. Coffee has been spilled. White dog hair accents the charcoal interior. It’s part of our daily landscape. It’s need of a wash.

This is the natural progression of things. I knew it would happen. It’s unavoidable. Everything new becomes old, sooner than you’d think. Whether its an iPad, rubber boots, or a shiny new car. Reason #432 why I’d rather pay off this car in months vs. years.

That’s an important reminder, because making these $2,000 payments is a pain in the a$$. There are so many other things I would rather be spending my money on. Garden things. Travel things. It makes bouts of The Husband’s unemployment that much more uncomfortable. The actual, on the books, must be made payment is something like $300. See, I don’t even know for sure. Oh, the excuse scenarios I have created in my head in an effort to use that $1700 difference for things much more fun, much more meaningful in the moment.

Thus far, I’ve resisted. I remind myself 8 months is not a long time to live with a decision. I chose to suffer in the short term to save myself a prolonged agony nickels and dimes on what is, after all, just a car. Hold strong. Tough it out.

Come June, if I lose my job (God Willing) I wouldn’t have to make a car payment. If I chose to leave my job, I wouldn’t have to make another car payment. I will have a “brand new”, trusty, reliable, superior gas mileage car. And no payment.

Come June. Please hurry.

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It just occured to me the other day that I may need to add car replacement to the budget soon. We intend to drive these to the ground but when the time comes I don’t want a $300 or $2000 car payment. When you go w/o car payments for so long there is just no turning back. Yeah for you getting it paid of so quickly – I know you must already have plans for that additional $2000 come June.


I hear ya! We hadn’t had a car payment in years before this whole debacle. I was hard pressed between the monster payment and taking money out of savings. I hate taking money out of savings worse, apparently.

My big plans in June involve realizing I have $2000 to direct toward my mortgage. 😉 I should probably pick something a little more fun, at least temporarily.

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