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Ugly Garden Update: March.

Ugly Garden is gonna need a new name. She’s moving on up. Expanding her horizons. In the midst of an extreme make over. You get the picture. There’s been a lot of outside work going on in the winter of our discontent around here. A lot more outside work, and still with so much to do.


She’s not quite there yet, but the metamorphosis has begun. March = Crunch Time. I am feeling the pressure. The pressure of a fence, unfenced and beds, unfilled. Frame work? yes. Garden? no. Stuff is supposed to start going in the ground, any second now, and I’ve no where for it to go.

Do. Not. Panic.

While The Husband plugs away at the big projects, I comfort myself by taking care of the plants I do have. Starting with my mostly a failure of a hoop house.


It looks happier than it is, believe me. For a variety of reasons (late start, not enough know how, and continual pillaging by mystery critters), this effort has been pretty unproductive, outside of a couple of spinach harvests. Lately I’ve taken to watering it with a diluted whey mixture to fertilize and cut down on any mold/mildews. Everything has perked up. Just when you are ready to compost the lot of these non-food making ingrates, you find this…


Hope, disguised as the smallest baby cauliflower I’ve ever seen. Of course, I photographed it. Miniscule as it is, it looks suspiciously like victory. I stifled the urge to dip it into some ranch dressing and enjoy the taste of that victory. As much as I’d like to I’m holding out against all odds that it will get bigger. I’m also ready

and hoping for better luck next year.

Berries have been weeded and mulched. All varieties are showing signs of life. Heck I’m even attempting to plant my mushrooms that did so well inside, outside.


Will it work? I do not know! Worth a shot.

All this ‘not being ready’ is leaving me with a bunch of nervous energy. The ornamentals are all tended. Have been since February. That never happens.

And I am chicken ready! We are T-minus 11 days until Chick Arrival Event. Most of their supplies, except food and pine shavings are in place. My laundry room will never be the same.


I pray I won’t be writing a Killing Tomatoes post with a much more unfortunate title.

Are you noticing a theme here? Prayer. Hope. Nerves. Technically, this is Year 2 of the Ugly Garden Experiment. It feels like Year 1. The to-do list, the purpose, it all seems much more so. About that to-do list, there is…

Soil and compost to order.
Lettuce Table to build boxes for and sow.
I’ve Coffee Sacks to plant potatoes in. Potato arrival pending.


There are herbs to collect from friends and transplant.
Fertilizer to procure.
Not to mention the obvious fence and coop finish.

That’s what I can think of off the top of my head. It only scratches the surface. On second thought, I better savor that small bite of victory while I have the chance.

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I love it!! I soo want a garden, but it’s not quite gardening season here yet… can’t wait to hear the new name for your non-ugly garden! :)


Maybe I should start a poll for non-ugly garden name suggestions. 😉


So many fun good things go on in that garden! Fear not, progress is obviously being made! Remember this is the hardest part…once the infrastructure is built you’ll just have to futz with the plants!

Erica / Northwest Edible Life

You’ll do just fine. Green cones + raised beds + pallets in the background = damn fine infrastructure. I sort of just popped my head out of the fog of Jan and Feb and realized it’s the average frost-free date in a few days. In other words, Go-time. And I’m kinda still waiting for my go to show. Ah well, we just do what we can year my year. The wonderful thing about a garden is that spring always, always comes again. Your cauli is adorable. I just harvested my first of the year – feel the same way as you. :)


Thanks for the encouragement. Fence is now fenced, which is making me feel loads better. The up shot of all this (completely self-induced) pressure, is for the first time ever I feel like Spring will be here before you know it.

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