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Too Many Dogs

I’m acutely aware that we have more dogs “than average”. I might even be willing to admit, a lot more. It’s old hat for us by now. These beasts have been incorporated into our lives for so long, I hardly even notice. When I do sit up and pay a little attention, there are definitely some tell tale signs.

You know you may have too many dogs when…


This has taken up residence in your office, and is now your early morning companion.


Somehow having just 1 bag of kibble on hand is no longer enough.


There are entire shelves dedicated to products you, personally, would never use.


Baskets with contents like this.


Not enough baskets, so auxiliary stashes abound.


Stacking dog beds seems like a completely reasonable idea, and has in fact become preferred by your dogs.


This is considered normal carnage.


This, while not normal carnage, is not completely out of the realm of possibility. After all, his ball was stuck under the couch. It doesn’t even worry you that much. That’s why you have a ‘dog couch’, with a stash of blankets at the ready for strategic placement.

Consider yourself warned. If any of these things are happening at your house, you may have too many dogs. Hold on tight and enjoy the ride.

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Although I only have two dogs (for now), they have more grooming implements that I do. Shampoos, conditioner, clippers, scissors, stripping knives, brushes, combs, nail clippers… it’s insane.

They are schnauzers, and I justify it all by grooming them myself, which saves me money… I think 😉

So far, only two dog beds and two crates, but please, don’t talk to me about the number of collars and leashes they have. Or the toys. Even I can’t justify that!


Good for you for doing the grooming yourself! Always something I’ve thought about, but never bit the bullet and purchased the equipment or did the research.

I didn’t include a picture of their collar and leash stash. Let me assure you, its extensive. Collars, dog beds, training supplies. Completely my weakness.


I think it’s so cute that your tiny puppy chooses to sleep in the biggest bed available. I am so sorry about your couch though. I can relate. Although my dog didn’t destroy my couch, my cat did once upon a time until we finally got her to prefer the walls opposed to the furniture (nope, never got her to quite use the scratching post… but at least it’s the walls of the basement she uses). It seems that no matter how hard we try to pet proof and train our pets not to destroy our furniture, it’s one of the things that owners have to accept. It’s part of their charm… as much as we hate to admit it.


I agree, it happens. Ultimately that couch I purchased used off CL, specifically for the purpose of living in our high traffic, dangerous to upholstery dog room, served its purpose. And will continue to until I get around to replacing it. Couches, carpets, etc are just collateral damage. Dogs and cats remind you not to take such things too seriously. 😉

Miser Mom

How much do I have to worry that, everything you’ve said about “dogs”, I could say about “13-year-old high energy sons”? (Well, not the collars and leashes part, at least).


Ok, I went back and looked at that.

You are so right. Which makes the post funny in a completely different way.


Your house looks like mine, except I only have 3 dogs, pure bred & mixed beagles (all had multiple owners – I am their last!). My town limits us to 3 dogs but I have had 4 in the past with no problems. Even though there are 6 dogs beds for current dogs, they ultimately prefer to sleep on the couch and human bed. Often piled on top of each other – the dogs not the beds 😉


Couldn’t stop laughing at this post and the comments
We have only one dog and one cat, but the cat has totally destroyed the corner of the bed–far worse than your couch, but its covered with a throw so who cares.
The cat used to totally tear the wallpaper off a small wall between two doors in the hall. I used to periodically strip the wallpaper off and replace it when it got so bad that there were ribbons of wallpaper down the wall.Then I ran out of matching wallpaper and left it just painted. That’s probably why the bed gets it now.
Our dog has far too many toys and leaves them on the stairs. her favorite game is to take a toy to the top of the stairs, then let go and watch it bounce and cartwheel down, then chase after it at top speed and she usually catches it before it reaches the floor.
Great fun unless you get in the way.
love them both to bits.


Ahhh there are very few problems a well positioned blanket can’t…. hide. 😉

The Pug likes to drop only loud, heavy chew toys down the stairs. Then watch us all come running as we go “WTF is that racket!?!?”


Oh boy, can I relate! In our smallish house, 4 dogs feels like 10 sometimes. Between the husky fur that practically turns our wood floors into a carpet, the elderpin’s unreliable bladder and bowels, the golden retriever’s bread thievery and the bullador’s chewing and general rowdiness, we have pretty much given up on “nice things.”
I take it in stride, but it’s real bothersome to the other half.


“Nice things” can be had on shelves on cupboards. High up and out of harms way. HA!

Its amazing how ‘kid proof’ my house usually is, because we are used to keeping things above dog height.

Couches though, how do you protect the couch?!


Curious, how many dogs do you have? They certainly look well cared for! :)


I refuse to answer that question directly on the grounds that it might incriminate me. 😉

Although, a little poking around and it’s not too hard to find. Believe me. The answer I give when asked that question is either a) too many (as evidenced above) or b) a lot.


Ps – I’d die if my dog ate my!


I would totally say the same thing. Until it happened…


This post made me laugh so much. At the moment I only have one dog and one cat (don’t ask me how that happened, I am a confirmed dog person, I still look in wonder at how I ended up with a cat when she walks in the house).
At one point I had four dogs, which people thought was crazy enough – until I left England and flew all four of them (including 2 seniors) to New Zealand when I moved here. Then people thought I was completely insane! I couldn’t believe how many people asked me why I didn’t just give them to the dogs home, and get new ones when I moved. Well, would you just hand in your kids to a home and get new ones elsewhere just because of the cost?? That’s the problem with todays disposable society. I was brought up to believe that ‘a dog is for life’. After all, if you would give up the dog, who says the next person won’t. Sadly, some dogs end up messed up from being pushed from pillar to post, and being in and out of dogs homes. I know, I’ve ended up with some of them.
Regarding the couch, I read somewhere that you can have either dogs, or a nice house, but not both. While I do my best not to allow my house to become a kennel, I have to accept a certain amount of dog hair and muddy paws, and nose prints on the window, otherwise I’d spend my whole time cleaning up and not actually have time to enjoy my dog.
And just as you avoid saying how many dogs you have, just how much I paid to fly my dogs to New Zealand is a closely guarded secret. Lets just say that it cost rather more than my ticket ;0)

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