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I am…

Thrilled with the first pop of Spring in my yard, as evidenced by my blueberry bushes.

Concerned that rumors of snow this weekend will turn out to be true, and inflict harm on said blueberries.

Now enjoying Donna Freedman on the daily at Frugal Cool. I’m a particular fan of her initial manifesto, which is all about personal definitions of frugality. That’s something I can get behind.

Completely spent (in a good way) after one hell of an hour long early morning spin class, on the heels of a middle of the night work-related wake up. Nothing like vigorous exercise to counteract the negative side effects of Corporate Servitude.

Forgoing much of my Friday night cookies-takeout-and-television ritual in order to take a new foster dog to the vet. That’s the thing with these dogs, as soon as you start talking or even thinking about fostering, the Universe provides, six dogs or no.

Enhancing what’s left of my Friday night by purchasing Game of Thrones, Season 1 for my Apple TV. I’m already waiting for Big Love<, which The Husband isn't interested in. Game of Thrones though, that's something we've both been anticipating. Still on the fence about refinancing, STILL. Can I have the loan officer I want with the Credit Union I'd rather work with? The details of managing my biggest debt are seemingly endless. A decision will be made. By Monday. Amused (and slightly concerned?), that I've been compared to Rain Man 3 times in the last 24 hours. Not sure how I should take that.

Happy that the plans for providing my would be chickens with solar power for their coop are coming together. They will have a light in the winter and fan in the summer courtesy of our Seattle overcast skies.

Ready for a weekend of outside work, visits with friends, and hopefully a super good latte to begin already.

Sure that you are too! See you Sunday!

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Please can you do a post on the solar power for the chicken coop, I would be very interested.
You can’t just throwaway a sentence like this “Happy that the plans for providing my would be chickens with solar power for their coop are coming together. ” and then not say any more Eeek– Why ?When? How? are you going to do this and how much will it cost?
Let us all know –pleeeeease!


That was a bit of a teaser, wasn’t it? :) More details to follow, I promise. As with all things Chicken Coop it is currently under construction, and for the solar power, I wasn’t sure it was going to be a reality until just recently. It will get its very own write up. Never fear.

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