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Weekly Goals: Short Week

I had Monday off. A rare banker’s holiday observed by Corporate America. So rare, in fact, that’s it’s usually forgotten about. Then it comes as a 3 day weekend surprise, when someone in the office inevitably realizes it on Thursday or Friday.

I love 4 day work weeks. I prefer 4 day work weeks. I dream of 4 day work weeks. Doesn’t 4 days on to 3 day off seem like a much more reasonable work/life ratio? Someday when I exit my Corporate Servitude stage left (again), as God is my witness, I will never work 5 days again. That was meant to be a melodramatic declaration a la Scarlett O’Hara.

However, 3 days off combined with my late goals from last week, has left me feeling a little crunched. `The good news?


My tomatoes are not dead. I’m a bit obsessed with their progress and care. Mesmerized by their growing and changes. It’s my own science experiment with a pretty steep learning curve. For whatever reason, the 8 or 9 in this tray are doing better than the other 20 something. I’ve no idea why, but I’ll take it. They have one set of “true” leaves, with another well on the way. My plan is to up pot them this weekend, as I’m starting to see roots poke out the bottom of their little pots.

Before we get too far into my plans, what about last week? The goals were..

Arrange Mattress Removal. Arranged, yes. Actually removed, no. My dance card is full this weekend, so I scheduled it for next. The mattress will be hauled away by Bed Be Gone, who promises to recycle up to 90% of the materials. Costs twice as much as taking it to the dump. I couldn’t get a charity to touch it with a 10 foot pole. This is my best/only Conscientious Consumerism option. I’ll pay up.

Long(er) Term Budget. Necessary as a result of our super high tax bill. Mostly done. I’m expecting tweaking as we go along, because who really know whats going to come up between now and April 17th. Regardless, with this plan I should be able to take a big bite out of the bill.

Garden Spreadsheet. Done, and I feel better. This can be added to if I get starts or additional seeds, will certainly help document my successes and failures in the coming growing season, and provides me a quick to-do list for each month. It might seem a little anal, I realize. There is so much to keep track of already though, and we’ve only just begun. More organization = better, at this point.

Even with the short week, I did pretty good. You know why? Because I had an extra day off. What will I do in the coming, very sad, 5 day work week?


Go to Costco. Also sad. Not because it’s my last trip. Oh no. It is sad because, I do not like going to Costco. The reward check is here. It must be used. I’ll use it to my advantage to stockpile organic sugar, vinegar, baking soda, and other staples of my life. A full pantry will soften the blow of having to endure the trials and tribulations of the trip itself.

Refinance. This will not be finished within a week. Further sadness, in that my beloved credit union is failing me. I’ve been dancing with them about this issue for months. Literally, months. First they were backlogged. Then when I finally did get a loan officer to contact me, the closing costs they were quoting were significantly higher than industry average. About 4K higher. I love my CU, and I’d like to keep my business with them. However, a few phone calls revealed much better options. Options, which won’t require months to get someone to talk to me. Project Lower Big Fat Mortgage Payment is a go.

Working 5 days, going to Costco, and abandoning my credit union is about all the sadness I can handle. I will be buoyed by the arrival of my 1/2 pig, a farm visit, tomato fussing, time with The Best Friend, and yummy local cheese. There. That lists makes me feel better.

What are you looking forward to in your week? What are you dreading?

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Jennifer Hugens

In the past Catholic Charities have taken my old mattresses. Charities can’t resell mattresses but the Catholic guys give the mattresses to refugees (here in the US). Just a thought for next time.

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