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Money Saving Monday: Wants

Lately, my list of wants grows long.

Hunter Boots.  13/365
Photo credit goes to PV KS because you can’t photograph what you ain’t got.

I want a pair of

for the working of my Urban Homestead.

I’ve been dreaming of Adirondack Chairs made from recycled milk jugs ever since The Garden Show.

The unfortunate spots in my hardwood floor seem particularly prominent lately. This reignites dreams of Flor Carpet Tiles which can be recycled when dog paws render them ugly.

Everyone loves the

for weeding and digging and looking menacing.

I’d like to try just one

for my own jam making purposes. Just one.

Must keep thrifting for all things owl and pyrex.

Have you heard about Taproot? As a rule, I don’t subscribe to magazines, but I’d be willing to make an exception.

The Library waiting list for

remains frustratingly long and unmoving. The same holds true for a number of other gardening and fiction books I am not-so-patiently waiting on.

NW Edible’s garden journal seems a significant improvement over my current multi-venue, entirely too verbose recording method. I’d love to benefit from her template, and it’s on-sale (!!!) through the end of today.

None of these things are required for my survival.

Sure, Rubber Boots would be an improvement over all the dirt in my dog chewed crocks. There is probably a non-$120 alternative.

My particle board adirondack chairs might survive another season. The jurys still out.

We’ve been looking at those same spots on the hardwood floor for a long time, without the benefit of coverings, recyclable or otherwise.

Atlas gloved hands also seem to be quite effective for weeding, particularly in soft February dirt. They aren’t quite as menacing though.

My stock pile of regular old mason jars grows large, and I have no problem giving them away to friends, even with the BPA.

There is no shortage of vintage pyrex or cute owls in my house. I will not die without the addition of more.

Taproot will still be there after the first reviews have rolled in.

Breaking Bad is free on Netflix, even if Big Love is not. My bedside table runeth over with books. Maybe not all the books I want. Nonetheless there are books in spades.

I’ve got nothing to improve upon the garden journal, other than my own discombobulated note taking, which will likely have to make do for now. Although, if there were an exception to be made…

On a related note, we are still without iPad.

When I get a serious case of the consumerism gimmies, it helps to identify these things for what they are: Wants. Optional. Not required. I am not entitled to have these things “just because”. Just because I work hard (don’t we all?). Just because I’m working in the yard all the time does not mean I need every available tool and accessory known to man. Just because it’s new. Just because it’s available. Just because it’s recycled or recyclable or it’s cheaper than buying new.

I read a fabulous blog post recently titled “Immediate Gratification is for Sissies”. The content itself is lovely and completely worthwhile. However, its that title that’s sticking with me.

We’ve got some big bills coming up. Dealing with them is going to require some focus and buckling down, even more so than usual. I need to be really clear about identifying those wants, and not being a sissy.

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