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Sunday Spending: Columnar

There will be no grocery picture today, in favor of my new friend now in residence on my patio, the Columnar Apple Tree.


Really I just like saying columnar. Columnar. Ok, I’m done. He may not look like much now, but this vertical fellow will (hopefully) produce 50 apples a year (eventually). Even better, he was on sale. Bare root and on sale is better still. $21 compared to the price check I did of his root balled friend at another nursery for $50. That should lessen the sting, if I accidentally kill him.


Seriously. Over it now.

Since we won’t be surviving on apples any time soon, groceries still had to be had. We are actively engaged in a repeat of the $50/per week challenge. Last week, was a success with a $39 grand total. A less than $50 total, I will remind you of here before stating my over $50 total for this week.

Farmer’s Market. $38 Eggs, sausage, bacon, spinach. I bought an extra carton of eggs because we were out on Sunday morning, due to The Husband’s makings of a large amount of Lemon Curd (Thanks Donna Freedman for the recommendation. He’s in yogurt heaven). Being out of eggs causes major disruption in my daily eating, inspiring a sense of panic when I am in front of my local egg purveyor. Also, portions of my 1/2 pig bulk buy are still being smoked, and therefore are not residing happily in my freezer or my belly just yet. I had to buy more pork than I thought I would earlier in the month.

Local Market. $18. Chips, celery, onions, almonds and mayo. It was the mayonaise that put us over the top. This market already has the best price in town on our light canola mayo, and it was on-sale for .80 off. I could not resist the call of having an extra jar in the hopper.

Grand Total: $56. Over $50, but well within the $11 surplus from last week. However, we are getting to that portion of the month in which snacks are getting scarce. Much like my egg panic, this causes some level of discomfort. The Husband recommended that next month’s meal plan be accompanied by a list of ‘must-have-on-hand-at-all-time’ snack foods for lunches and post-gym pre-dinner eat NOW snacks. It hasn’t gotten to the point of eating shrimp for breakfast yet. Although, I did munch on a jar of sweet pickles yesterday afternoon because I’d already has two nut/PB based snacks that day. Sweet pickles seemed like a good change. Much debate about whether or not having snack prerequisites should necessitate an increase of the weekly budget. Increasing the budget seems ridiculous, but clearly $50 a week + a stocking up trip leaves us = spending the last half of the month scavenging.

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Donna Freedman

Mmmm….lemon curd. Columnar lemon curd…
And apparently you can make lime curd and tangerine curd, too. I’m thinking lime, myself; stirred into yogurt and served with graham crackers, would it be like eating Key lime pie?


Lime curd. Yummmm. The Husband is a fan of all things citrus, so I may withhold that information for the time being. Otherwise, I may find myself without yogurt.

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