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It is early. Still dark outside, The Husband hasn’t left for work yet early. I love early. Somewhere around 10am, I get all antsy about the accomplishments of the day. Before that though, I bask in about 5 hours of pajamas and coffee and eggs, usually following a treadmill run. Well sometimes I have to go to work, so my basking is somewhat lessened. Still, mornings are magical clean slates for me.

Here’s what I’m noodling on this glorious Friday am.

That is garlic, sprouting in my mostly neglected for the moment Ugly Garden. This garlic was planted on a whim last fall, with absolutely zero know how. I am so happy its survival is overcoming my ignorance.

Listening to the new single from The Shins, even though I hate singles. They are teasers for albums that aren’t out yet. Albums I think I will like, but how can I know when its not out yet? I resent their use as marketing.

Seriously considering kombucha making, and terrified I will kill us both at the same time.

Sad to return The Tightwad Gazette after an all too brief 3 week visit. There is so much information, I only made it about 3/4 of the way through.

Picking up more free pallets. This will complete the stash of materials necessary to build my large and in charge compost bin, specifically for the impending arrival of mountains of chicken poo.

Should one take a day off of work to accompany a friend to The Garden Show? This an important question.

Somehow, the topic of mortgage refinance has reared its ugly head, yet again. This is occupying a lot of my mental cycles, and in conjunction with tax doings, has me digging through mountains of paperwork.

Seriously questioning the wisdom of rabies shots for 12 year old dogs, regardless of whether or not they are required by law. This involved putting my money where my mouth is, and ponying up for the Rabies titer test.

Ridiculously happy about my “new” $.50 sweater, previously owned by someone who clearly did not know the garment-saving wonders of the Sweater Lint Shaver. For real. I can not tell you how many perfectly good sweaters this little gadget has rescued from the brink of the donation bin.

Really looking forward to buying my once a week lunch from a truck today. Poutine may be my new favorite food group.

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