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Weekly Goals: Not Accomplished

This will be one of those posts, in which I come across as entirely human and imperfect. Sometimes, I’m busy and a whirlwind. Sometime I bite of more than I can chew, and accomplish exactly bupkis. Well, just shy of bupkis.

I hate to admit these things. It pains me. Let’s cut to the chase.

Of my goals from last week, furniture is not painted, ugly shelf still resides in my basement, and my running was not up to snuff. I did manage to give corporate customer service to start my exodus from Costco. What’s that? 25% success?

To my credit there were a million and one other things accomplished by me;

more Fiesta thrifted,

tomatoes tended,

and cozies crocheted.
Although, Cuppow purchase remains to be seen.

Not to mention packages mailed, plans made for February, family entertained, and dogs to the vet. I even started my improvised chalkboard garden stakes. Finding myself with out a paintbrush, I further improvised a dipping method, which did not a smooth finish produce. That is paused.

How is it I feel like I didn’t accomplish anything, and yet I’ve been so busy?

Onward and upward and all that. Just because you only do a 1/4 of what you set out to do, doesn’t mean you stop trying altogether. So for this week, I will…

Do our Taxes. I hate doing taxes. It’s right up there with buying cars, and admitting defeat. Not amongst my favorite chores. Something I have to work myself up to. I have all the paperwork (I think). It’s time to get started. I usually do these all at once in a marathon day at the desk, just to get them the heck over with

Plant Onions. Being the garden newb I am, I follow very helpful blogs like NorthWest Edible Life, because clearly they know more than I do. So when they post a February to-do list, I pay attention. When that to-do list makes reference to having planted onion seeds last month, onion seeds I have still sitting in their very attractive packets, I have a very mild panic attack. Onions: joining the grow op ranks this week.

Beyond that, I’d say my plate, she’s full. I’d like to do more; sell more stuff, start on the Chicken Coop, buy lumber, etc,. That seems like setting myself up for more misses. My calendar has a blessedly naked Saturday coming up. Intend to spend it mostly in my pajamas, at my desk or in my basement, actively engaged in finishing what I started or planned to started (see: above).

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Looking forward to my empty Saturday and Sunday calendar. I almost made a boo boo and scheduled lunch with a friend but then told her a that I already had plans – plans to do nothing.

Lindy Mint

I think you accomplished way more than me this week. This week I…can’t think of anything I did. You win!

I don’t blame you for being ridiculous about the cuppow. It’s an amazing invention, and so fun to say.

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