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As in my car debt is now 37.5% paid off. Car Payment #3 has been made. 3 down. 5 to go. Almost 1/2 way there. I love these short term-high progress goals. So much better than a 4 year term. Paying off my heap of car debt is just another reason to look forward to summer.

I spent $98 dollars on diesel in January. This has been a pretty average month for gas consumption, both with my carpooling efforts and the amount of extra curricular travel. I consistently fill up this car every other week, as opposed to the once a week fill ups with my old car. Fill ups cost about the same, but thats compared to gas prices from the August/September of last year for my old car. I’m guessing prices were higher then, since diesel runs about .20 to .40 per gallon more than regular currently. Even so, I’m saving money from the increased gas mileage by not filling up as often.

Speaking of gas mileage, I continue to have high hopes. It’s holding steady at 33mpg, which is fine considering I do mostly city driving. Still, better would be, well, better. I keep hearing that diesel engines “break in” and improve as time goes on. This feels like an old wives tale to me. At the 2,000 miles I’ve clocked thus far, it remains to be seen.

My strategy for finding the best price on diesel, despite early musings, has been decidedly low tech. I keep an eye on the 4 gas stations offering diesel that are on my regular gym to work to home route. Typically, there is a significant price variation between just this handfull of $.20 to $.40. One station is usually, lower but not always. I watch for prices to start to decrease, and pounce when it hits what I know to be a “low”, regardless of whether I need fuel or not. No rewards points. No memberships. Just paying attention. By and large, I feel like this has served me relatively well.

I’m still happy with my purchase of the rapidly depreciating asset. Its serving its purpose as cars do, and with all this forward progress on the note, it has yet to feel like an albatross around my neck.

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Tracy Warren

This has nothing to do with your post for today. Just an thought I had about a previous post. You said you round up your payments so that they are even. I wanted to do that this year but pay my house payment online. If I were to make another payment I would have to mail it in with a note saying that it should be applied to the principal. That would cost me .45 each month for a stamp. How cheap am I? I just decided to bump up my payment $100 and call it good. Still I can’t help but figure out the amount I would like to send every time I see that uneven #.


HA! Yeah, I wouldn’t bother with the stamp and such either! Its expensive and another thing on my to do list. I can do multiple on-line payments, thank goodness! Otherwise, that would drive me nuts!

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