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Sunday Spending: Cooking The Books.


Technically, I spent $100 on groceries today. I know, I know. That is well over the allotted last week $51 for a successful January.

However, technically there are only 2.5 days left in January. I bought food for the entire week, 4 days of which will be for February. This isn’t too much of a stretch. Even our meal plan only went through Tuesday. I had to get a little creative to come up with the rest of the week.

Here’s how I’m doing the break down.

Farmers Market: $62 for 2 dozen eggs, whole chicken, apples, spinach, and sweet potatoes.
From now until Wednesday we will eat $6 worth of eggs, $2.50 worth of spinach, and $5 of apples.
That’s $13.50 for January and $48.50 against February’s total.

Local Market: $38 for almonds, granola, flour, garbanzo beans, tortillas, milk, and chips. I’ll take all of this towards January’s total.

$51.50 for this week. I am a whopping $.50 over budget. I will take that, and still happily declare success!

This is a little bit of book cookery, I agree. I am ok with it for two reasons; 1) February 1st is Wednesday and that just makes sense 2) Without a little more spending we would have had a very unhappy week. We are down to bare bones. I ate frozen shrimp for breakfast this morning. It was tasty and all, but not my first (or second or third) choice. We’ve been participants in our own Hunger Games around here, with more than a couple incidents of grumpy, low blood sugar’d adults not super interested in calling on all our creative powers just to find a dang snack. The cutting of the grocery budget has not been my most popular scheme with The Husband.

The January win in review:

Week 1: Spent $442 on our big stocking up trip, declared the $50 per week limitation for the month, and set a high water mark of $650.
Week 2: Spent an easy-peezy $24, and banked the rest as a surplus.
Week 3: $73 spent, promptly using that surplus to stock up on yummy ground chicken, but still managing to stay within budget.
Week 4: $52, but felt the pinch of a emptying cupboards and dwindling supplies.

All that, plus our current mini-week, brings the grand total for January to $642.50. I’ve been so focused on the $50 per week, I forgot about the $650 over all limitation. I have $7.50 to spare! $650, or $642.50 rather, is still a huge, completely over blown grocery budget for most people. For us, it is more than $100 less than what we usually spend. I will say I felt every single bill of that one hundred. This was not a comfortable exercise. I’m going to muddle over it this week before we come up with the February plan. Right now, I’m looking forward to a homemade pizza dinner, and a return to fruit and nuts and all the other snacks that I love.

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Tracy Warren

OMG the frozen shrimp did me in. Laughing at your pain – sorry. I applaud you for the effort and am happy you have your healthy snacks back.


Thanks! What does one do when there are no eggs, and you’ve already eaten oatmeal once today? Frozen Shrimp! I dressed it up with some spinach, and peppers, served it over an english muffin with a little Parmesan cheese. it was benedict-ish, sorta. Or something. Yeah, its an lol moment. :)

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