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Ridiculous Friday

Why is today ridiculous?


Because I am ridiculously excited about trying my dogs on a brand new food from Champion, my all time favorite kibble manufacturer. Duck, Steel Cut Oats, Pears and Goodness? Yes, please! This is highly anticipated (at least by nerds like me). I may even try it with my raw eaters, just for a change.

Other things I am being ridiculous about?

The fact that I’ve scored free pallets and coffee cans this week for use in upcoming garden projects.

That I will spend tomorrow thrifting and lunching with very good friends.

Clogged drain fixed! No plumber required! Still a little basement chaos though…

Qualifying for a market research study on charity next week, which is not as cool as the one on dog food I wanted to get. Still, $75 for 90 minutes.

Nervous about my first 1/2 marathon that I just registered for, even though it’s 6 months away.

Still not buying an iPad, but kind of obsessing about it ever since I wrote that post.

Looking forward to global domination during Sunday Dinner with friends/Risk tournament. No, we won’t be playing on my vintage board.

Really wanting to buy a Cuppow and crochet a mason jar cozy.

That is just a sampling of the current things The Husband would definitely say I am being ridiculous about in my hyper focusy focus kind of way.

How about you? What’s making you ridiculous?

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Miser Mom

How did you unclog the drain? Curious minds want to know!

I can’t bring myself to pay $8 for a Cuppow, but wow! So cool! I’m so intrigued I’m going to try to make my own. You’ll know me by the dribble stains down the front of my shirt . . .


If you figure out how to make a Cuppow, I wanna know about it! But I will let you do the trial and error on that one.

Unclogging of the drain required patience, and 3 times the recommended amount of lye drain cleaner. Granted our lye supply is for soap making, so it may have been older and not as effective.

Miser Mom

Success! I will post pictures of my own later this week. Hint: take an old lid and a triangle can punch.

Tracy Warren

I am ridiculously excited to have the day to myself. From Friday at 3:00pm to 7:00 pm yesterday I have entertained 7 thirteen/fourteen year old girls for my daughters birthday. It’s so quiet in my house right now. Ahhhh. My Chihuahua has been on pins and needles – time for her to relax too.


7 13/14 year old girls sounds like a special form of torture. You deserve a ridiculous day. So, does the chi!

Tracy Warren


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