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Weekly Goals: Basement Chaos

Clogged drains, laundry line, tomato starts, misplaced shelving, and meditations about ripping up carpet. These are just a few of the exciting things currently going on in our finished basement (aka the Under Haus). Any guesses as to what this week’s goals are going to be about?

Of most pressing need is a backed up shower drain in our downstairs bathroom. This is, of course, the shower that we use. So far all The Husband’s efforts involving lye, vinegar, snakes, coat hangers, plungers and boiling water have been for naught. I *really* do not want to call a plumber. Last time we did that it was $150 for about 20 minutes of total visit time. Granted, problem was resolved. There is that.


While not a proper goal from last week, I am very proud to report that my tomato seeds are in! I am happier with the hum of electricity usage than I’ve probably ever been. Plus, it makes for a much better picture than a clogged drain.

For last week’s official goals, there was..

Sell Stuff. Not as industrious as I would have liked, but I did get the main item I’ve intended to sell for a very long time listed. Just in case, any one is interested in a retired American Girl doll, I’ve got one for a little while longer. No selling of any of my thrift failures as of yet. Because I am back on the ebay bandwagon at all, I declare success.

Apple Butter. Two batches from edible, if ugly apples. The end result tastes caramely good. Hands down win. We also ate apples in oatmeal bars and quiche and pretty much anything else we could disguise them in.


Run a full Marathon. Sadly, no. Foiled by snowpacalypse. The Y was closed for 3 days last week. My total was a measly 20 miles. Less than last week even. I think I get a mulligan due to weather.

Spend $50 on Groceries. Heh. I win. I say again, one. more. week.

Coming up…


Furniture painting. I bought this chair for a whopping $.50 during a recent half off furniture sale at Goodwill. Originally, I intended to re-purpose at least one of the legs for desk organizers. This proved to be entirely unnecessary. Now, The Husband is fixing up the seat with a wood glue and a big clamp. I’m thinking a little purple spray paint and it will look lovely in the corner of my bedroom. I’m worried there won’t be enough paint. It’s a borrowed can, which if I use all of, I will have to replace. (Don’t worry J!) Perhaps I should go buy paint anyway, because I have set of shelving left over from…

Garage/Garden Shed Fallout. We did another round of preparation for Chicken Coop Construction involving a shuffle of stuff from shed to garage from garage to dump or Goodwill or, for a small percentage of items, into the house. This is contributing to basement chaos.

Look! A whole week’s worth of projects right there. All these things need to find a home or purpose or leave. Gigantor shelving unit has a couple options. Will I paint it and put it the office? Or reorganize and use it for canned good storage in my basement closet? There is also a sudden abundance of materials for garden stakes (shims and chalkboard paint anyone?), caulking, a random growler container for beer, and other flotsam and jetsam to be dealt with.

Run Do Over. I’ll be taking that do over, thank you kindly.

Start Costco Cancellation Process. The further narrowing of my Big Box world. This is the subject of an entire upcoming post as it will be a fine dance of using my rewards check, while avoiding the membership fee. I need to determine when that has to happen, and plan for one last monster Costco goodbye visit.

It is not even worth mentioning that I will obviously, without a doubt, 100% be sticking to my grocery budget. $50. And that is all.

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Before you call someone to fix your drain, pick one of these Zip-it’s up at a hardware store. They are cheap and amazing at removing hair clogs from the drain. It’s not supposed to be reusable, but I have used mine twice in the last year.


Ha Noreen! We actually borrowed one of those from a friend. Unfortunately, it wasn’t long enough to even touch our clog. I think they would work great as a regular maintenance type thing though. Thanks for the recommendation.

We *might*, maybe, hopefully, have beat our clog. My fingers are crossed.

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