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Sunday Spending: Squeaking By

Welcome to Sunday Spending, my (mostly) weekly check in where I come clean about the ridiculous amount of money I spend on groceries (and the like) in my on-going pursuit to both maintain a budget and eat/buy with a conscience.


Somehow, almonds did not make it on the grocery list. I only discovered this as groceries were being put away.

We eat a lot of nuts around here. We are protein craving people, and nuts are an easy, portable source for snacks and lunches. Being out of almonds is a kind of a big deal. I could stop and pick some up on the way home from work tomorrow. But, I wont. We are holding the line. They were not on the list. They are not in the budget. I am following last week’s good advice choosing not to spend the extra $6. Not because it would be the end of the world. It wouldn’t. Just because. We have stuck with the budget this far.

We will instead eat the all but impossible to shell walnuts for as snacks this week. It will burn calories prior to consumption. There’s the silver lining.

In general our cupboards and fridge are looking pretty bare. We are having to get creative. A new CSA box shows up tomorrow, so that will help. Right now it’s down to a visually appealing, although not readily accessible assortment of beans.


We did actually buy food this week. I swear.

Whole Foods: $21 Because we were in the neighborhood. We got flour, eggs (free with coupon), tortillas, coarse salt, granola, and chips.

Stumptown Coffee: $14 We ran out of our stash of stock piled coffee. Trying Stumptown as an experiment.

Pride & Joy: $11 This is my new, significantly cheaper source of raw milk. Available for pick up locally every other week.

Local Market: $6 Regular milk for mozzarella making.

Grand Total: $52. The budget was $50 + $3 carry over from last week. Whew. See why there will be no almonds?

The pickings are slim. One week left. One week. In one week, I will have successfully cut my grocery budget down by $100. I have home made yogurt and jam a plenty. The Husband is busily crafting crusty bread and english muffins. Add our stores of tuna, peanut butter, oatmeal and eggs. We will survive. Success is imminent.

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Miser Mom

Perhaps we switched bodies temporarily. My husband introduced me to an Amish store with local organic flour of several varieties, plus rolled oats, plus nuts, plus . . . by “saving” money we spent $200. Yoicks!

Hang tight, Dogs or Dollars!


Ah yes, the spend to save gets me every time! Sounds like it would be right up my alley though.

I’m currently abstaining from most grocery related activities, except the list making… and the eating! :)

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