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Saturday Link Love: A Tale of 2 Jobs

Future Chicken house. Pretty happy there were no ladies living in it this week. Next year though…

A week of being snowed in means The Husband doesn’t work. At all. Something as simple as the weather decreased his monthly income by 25%. Lame. And the nature of the beast.

It’s times like this I appreciate Corporate Servitude. Corporate Servitude that enables me to be at home all week, still filling my function, staying off the icy roads, and greatly lessening the blow of The Husbands sudden lack of employment. I may dislike it greatly, but it sure is a cushy place to land.

In further contrast, today I will end my week of quiet work at home with a shift at The Pet Store. I will chat up customers, stock bags of food and then carry it out to cars. I will bag and smile and straighten, like I would have been doing all week, icy roads and snow and all, if I hadn’t had the opportunities I did and made the choice I made. Work from home is a luxury I certainly would not have had. Such is the nature of that beast.

With all that on my mind, I have only 1 link to share today.

Originally found via Rowdy Kittens, NorCal Katie writes a thought provoking piece on life and death… and jobs, at least in reference to how we spend our time. My favorite quote is…

I didn’t want to spend the next 30 years working for someone else’s bottom line as a corporate servant in exchange for money and have little time to do what I really want to do with my life. I’d rather have time than money, but that’s just me. (I also really dislike being told what to do.) I want to write, take pictures, garden, be creative, and help people.

Amen, Sister!

My struggle is making my life match that desire. Without a momentous life changing deus ex machina, how does one transform their life into what they want to do? Vs. what they have to when there’s a little snow?

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“We’re all just selling time.” My favorite Minus the Bear lyric.

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