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2012 Goals


A small 2011 reflection on our old man Moses, who we said goodbye to this year. He came to us via Old Dog Haven. We miss him dearly.

On this, the last day of 2011, I reflect. And I write my 100th post. Weird. Not-planned, but kind of cool. Particularly since its my goals for the coming year.

My goal for Dogs or Dollars is to just keep swimming. I’ve been at this in a bone fide kind of way for a few months now. I continue to be amazed with the response I’m garnering both in traffic and in the comments I so enjoy. Really, I do. Keep them coming! I’ll keep documenting our day to day and overall journey, and the negotiation between saving money and Conscientious Consumerism, among other things, if you keep reading. Deal?

With that aside, what are our plans for 2012?

Increase savings by 15K.
With some events on the horizon, and our regular savings habit this should be totally do-able.

Find a better interest rate.
For the bulk of said savings. I’ve been loyal to ING Direct for a long time. But .85% sucks. While it makes me nervous, I’d like to move the bulk of the Emergency Fund to a longer term CD, where I can at least get over 1%. Researching Ally bank.

Big Fat Mortgage Balance of $X40,000.
This is slightly more ambitious than last year’s goal. Given our track record though, should be do-able. The only extenuating circumstance would be a potential refinance. We are still debating that.

Donate $50 a month.
This is a paltry sum, particularly when take as a percentage of our income. Still, I want to create a habit of giving and work it into our monthly spending. If I give more, wonderful. Otherwise, this is the minimum.

For our Targeted Savings Accounts…

Garden: Put away additional 1k, before its needed for coop build and garden expansion.
Vet: The dogs aren’t getting any younger. Add 2k to balance and *knock on wood*.
Car: Save 5k towards purchase of new car for The Husband.

Non-Financial Goals

Run 1/2 Marathon.
I mean it this time, dag-burnit! I’m setting myself a deadline of registration by the end of January.

Cancel Costco Membership, Continue No Big Box Challenge
More on this later, but I’m removing Costco from the Big Box Exception list. There will be some coordination required to cancel my membership before they charge me the yearly fee. I’m guessing this will be done by March.

Increase Food Production and Preservation.
I’ve been brainstorming on a way to quantify this. Increase X% over last year. Since, I really did not document last year that proves problematic. In any case, we are adding both Chicken Coop and tripling the square footage of Ugly Garden. That alone will be an increase. I will strive to further document what we are putting away, so we can measure it in the future.

And that’s it! That and the 1,000 other things that will happen in 2012. I look forward to every New Year with a sense of a clean slate and excitement. How about you?

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Miser Mom

Thanks for a great year of blogging! You asked for comments, but really, YOUR comments (not just on my site, but on other sites) are the best. You’re an incredibly generous and kind person.

Tracy Warren

Love you blog – read it every day – keep it coming
My goals:
Nothing monetary this year – feel like I am in a good place there
A date with my husband every month – we have a 14 year old and I feel quilty leaving her to go out to dinner, etc.
Read 30 minutes every day (most days) – want to see how many books I can get through in a year. Started with Steven Tyler’s Autobiography last night before bed.


Thanks to you both! And Happy New Year. I am so lucky to have found such warm, meaningful readers. I feel like the interweb stars aligned.

Tracy those are excellent goals! Like you with the finances, my reading is in a good place. Its such a habit for me. It would be interesting to track how many books a year we actually read though.

Tracy Warren

lets track it – I love to read but sometimes just don’t make the time for it. My dogs were all in heaven yesterday. We read, we slept, we read, we slept 😉

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