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Thrift Score!

Not to be confused with ThriftCore, where my friend Van posts all her awesome thrifting finds, but still awesome in my own right. Yes, I’m going to keep saying ‘awesome’. Perpare yourself.

I’ve lamented my lack of thrifting prowess before. I try to be all zen about it, but I usually panic. I get overwhelmed. I don’t grab what I should, and I strike out. Not today, friends. Oh no.

Speaking of friends, that was the key. I recruited a couple of lovely ladies to accompany me on a Goodwill Mission a la Hillary Clinton, but with less travel and better hair.


Pay dirt! Pyrex, vintage Heinz ad (Ladies Home Companion, 1929) and santa tin for next Christmas, assorted canning jars at .20 each, Correll serving plates, an awesome (there it is again) cross stitch ship, .99 picture frames for some new family photos, and a gurgle pot miniature for one of my besties (you know who you are).

Wait. Is that a circa 1973 Risk game? Much like the one I was recently coveting over at ThriftCore?


Why, yes. Yes, it is! I was so excited when one of my friends unearthed this puppy from a very smelly kids isle. Seriously, smelly. She should have got some hazard pay for the chemical warfare.

It’s not quite as cool as Van’s, but the board is going to look great hung on our wall. I think this may be the start of a vintage board game ‘thing’. We’ll see.

I don’t know whether to be more excited about that or the much coveted pyrex, which fits in so nicely with my other fruit bowls.


If I do say so myself.

All this awesomeness? $15.09. Ok, so I had a 20% off coupon. Still!

Add to that the fun we had traipsing around a very crowded store alternately making fun of


and seriously considering potentially cool items…


I call that a successful day! Or dare I say… Awesome.

So thanks JP and KTB. You got me over my dry spell. I know I did the bulk of the buying, but I hope you enjoyed yourselves nonetheless.

Lest you readers be concerned that I not be following my very own rule of ‘one in, one out’, behold!


The departure pile. Leaving tomorrow morning for one last 2011 donation receipt. I think that haul more than takes care of today’s arrivals.

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Very nice! I love Goodwill shopping!

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