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Weekly Goals: And Then Some…

I love the week between Christmas and New Years. Much of the festivities are done, although not all of them. The world is in limbo, between two Holidays where most everything shuts down. It’s hardly worth going to work, only to turn around and take yet another long weekend. Which is why I don’t. If at all possible, I take this week off.

A fringe benefit of not working at the Pet Store is being able to do such things without an act of Congress. That’s right, I’m home all week.

Where I will be spending a whole lot of time here:


This picture serves multiple purposes. It should sufficiently murder any rumor of me being a minimalist. Yes, there is a bunch of crap on and surrounding my desk. I love this crap. All of it. Very occasionally I purge some small percentage of it, but not usually. My desk, and to some degree my office as a whole, are my space for crap. Random, often inappropriate odds and ends, this is where they go to live. Its Gargamel to Sendak to bachelorette party “keepsakes” to handmade Valentines from The Husband. Throw in Domokun and old MTA passes, and welcome to my base of operations.

Bringing us to point two, if The Financial Empire has a Mother Ship, this is it. From this monstrosity of a desk ($15, Craigslist), all things are accomplished. Receipts, pictures, bills, this blog, even mushroom growing, all of it spends a high percentage of it’s time in process here. So, if I’m home for a week, throw in a few cups of coffee, and this is where you are likely to find me. Especially, when there is so much to be done, like now.

Because, while this week may be a wierd uncertainty for the working world, its prime time for my Empire, financial and otherwise. Assessing previous goals, making new golas, cleaning closets, writing Grandmas, making phone calls and appointments. Here’s what I plan to do with my bounty of free time.

Run Outside. We are hip deep in the portion of the year, where it is dark when I leave for work, and dark when I get home. I don’t generally run outside in the dark. Consequently this leaves me feeling like I haven’t run in fresh air in months. Rain, drizzle and wet be damned. I’m running outside, probably in the company of a dog. Obviously, this won’t be happening at the desk.

Finalize Chicken and Seed Orders. After the first of the year, my urban homestead dreams must start in earnest. Those dreams require both chickens and seeds. I need to go over garden diagrams and spend some time with catalogs, figure out the when of orders, and make a list of necessary equipment.

Clean Closets. I have two in mind. The gift closet in my office has gotten a little out of hand this season, and as Christmas retreats back from wist it came, that closet could also use a little love. Thats where my cold storage apples are living. I think it might be time to give them a look see.

Goodwill Purge. This will go along nicely with the clean closets, and post-Christmas clean up. Stuff Purgatory is a little full, and with an influx of new Stuff, there are definitely some candidates for the exodus.

Yearly Goal Review/Renewal. Expect a whole post (or two) on this. Amazingly, last years goals are documented, so I can hold my feet to the fire, so to speak.

Pinboard Re-do. You may notice in the above picture a large pinboard to the left of my desk. It’s over flowing, even by my standards. There needs to be a culling of the herd of pictures and stickers and ticket stubs. There’s also a waiting list of new items that would like to join the masses. That can’t happen unless we free up some real estate. This is one of those occasional removals of Crap surrounding my desk.

For all this, and a million things in between, I have 1 week. When I think about it, this seems like both a ton of time, and not enough. There will also be plenty of reading, crocheting, (hopefully) napping and general enjoyment of the last few days of the year. The key will be finding the fine balance between hell-bent productivity and delectable laziness.

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I LOVE your desk full of personal inspiring bits- I think I see a familiar little owl there. I adore this final week before the New Year, too. I’m hard at work purging and organizing as much as possible. It’ll pay off when we get that clean slate on 1/1/2012.


Van, I thought you might like the desk! That is our mutual owl friend. You will notice that neither one of the owls left the house as a gift, even though that was my intention. Oops!

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