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The Universe Provides

As a final thought before I embark on my own consumption driven Holiday weekend, I’m pondering all the things I don’t pay for. Sure, I’m an avid library user. But, thats not what I’m talking about. I don’t do freecycle, too competitive for my blood. These are not things I search for. These are things that find me.

Maybe it’s because there is just so much Stuff in the world, that somehow or another it finds it’s way into my life, often just when I need it most. Sometimes it’s borrowed and sometimes its mine for good, either way its free and there’s no explanation other than kismet.

For example, The Husband recently began mocking the sorry state of my hairbrush. You know all those little cap things on the end of the bristles? Mine had exactly one left. Yet, I was loathe to throw it away, let alone buy a new one. At a friends house recently, the subject of, of all things, hairbrushes came up. My friend has permed her hair for years, which doesn’t take too kindly to brushing. Consequently, she had two lovely, real wood hairbrushes very lightly, if ever, used. Well, thank you very much.

A few of my workouts every week are spent in spin class, where I use both a heart rate monitor and bike shoes, given to me by other spin class attendees. The shoes were brand new, and didn’t fit their intended recipient. The heart rate monitor needed a new battery. I’ve been using these items for going on two years. They enhance my workouts, and cost me nothing.

Even with my extensive Fiestaware collection, I was worried about running short on small plates for our party last weekend. The Best Friend and I pilfered her extensive Fiestaware collection. We simply marked hers with a little duck tape on the bottom, so they could be identified later. No money spent, and no paper plates in the trash.

And so it goes on and on and on. Ugly Garden is fenced with free fencing from the neighbor. I’m currently enjoying borrowed DVDS. Come spring, hopefully my bartered Raspberry starts will look robust and healthy. Prior to my recent shoe purchase, my last pair were discarded early on (also by Best Fried) because they were an ill fit. I wore those shoes nearly every day for two years.

Stuff, it finds its way to you. Even without thrifting and searching. These are solutions which presented themselves to me mostly via people I know or interact with regularly. Things I knew I needed/wanted, without actually searching for them, which came my way through a friend or a friend of a friend. That seems to be the key. If there’s anything that’s benefits these kinds of finds it’s the people you associate with. That and patience. I don’t know about you, but as an impatient person, I probably do better if I don’t even acknowledge I’m looking for xyz. It’s better to just let it stumble my way. Its a heck of an argument for maintaining quality relationships with your social circle.

The point here is, if you don’t get what you want this Christmas, never fear. The Universe will probably provide it. Eventually.

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Miser Mom

Mmm, this post just made my day. I love wearing something from my friends, keeping them close to me, as it were. Happiness.

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