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This Week

The weeks before and after Christmas are always rather odd. Work becomes a ghost town. Traffic is lighter in the morning, but heavier mid-day. The blogosphere all but grinds to a halt. People are focused on their families and celebrations. Things start to slow down.


I will probably be in an out myself over the next week or so. But, here’s what’s going on at our house..

Starting mushroom kit #2, which was FREE from Cascadia Mushrooms because I let them use my quote on their website, and ordered other sets as gifts. This round is Shitake, so I’m excited.

Negotiating with The Husband on what movie we will be seeing, courtesy of the gift cards we received as an early Christmas Gift. My vote is The Descendants.

Posting a completely random picture of my dogs, because I like them.

Relishing this week’s meal plan, derived solely from party leftovers, freezer contents, and items malingering in my fridge.

Sharing those meals with friends before we all retreat to our respective Holiday Plans.

Wondering what to do with the crab dip and mushroom stuffings still left in my freezer.

Doing just a little more Christmas shopping locally, using coupons and online using reward points.

Collecting the beeswax from my spent candles, with plans to try my hand at my own candle making.

Enjoying borrowed copies of

, and



Asking the age old question, “Hulu or Netflix?”, while I catch up on Glee Season 3 during my week long trial.

Really not watching that much TV. Really.

Eagerly anticipating the arrival of yet more Christmas Cards with every day’s mail, and then basking in their presence on my mantle.

Happy to be increasing my charitable donations this year. Researching to figure out all the places they are going to go.

Loving this time of year, despite myself.

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Tracy Warren

How do you get them to all sit like that for pictures.
I only have 3 and can’t get a good picture of them together


Practice, patience, and really, really good treats. Think cheese, hot dogs, or smoked salmon. Plus, mine have been doing this together for a very long time. They are old hats at the group picture.

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