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Christmas Party Redux

And it’s over. Just like that. Another Christmas Party wrapped up. Always so much build up, for 5 or 6 hours of good times.

Our house is mostly put back together. We are surviving off leftovers and gifts. The beer seems to be reproducing in our fridge. Seriously, how did we end up with so much beer? As we coast through the last week of work towards Christmas, I have time to revisit the party details.

As stated before, I know this party costs me a lot. I just haven’t been real clear on how much in times past. I decided to track it as a specific category this year, only for my own edification. It’s our big event of the Season, we should know this, right?

Even if it cost $210? Do I still want to know then? Too late, cause thats the skinny.
Actually, I can’t say I’m surprised. Somehow that number feels about right to me. To clarify, all of that was spent on food. Our decorations were simple and cheap. In years past, I’d guess we’ve done worse.

Actual attendance came in at 24 people, and while there was plenty of food, we are not swimming in leftovers, other than the beer. There was also significant contributions from attendees. The booze was covered by a very generous friend who played bar tender all night. Crab dip, spice cake, green chile wraps, all were donated to the cause and yummy. From the looks of things, I could have skipped a fancy cheese or two. That was more about our last minute presentation than anything else, and I will happily consume cheese with my scrambled eggs all week long.

Speaking of last minute, a couple lessons learned…

Be prepared. We spent all day Saturday running, running, running to get everything done before the appointed hour. Usually, we have done more in advance. This year, with a busy schedule the week before, we were behind the 8 ball. Not fun. If there were sacrifices to be made, that should have been done on our dance card last week.

No one cares. This is an on-going lesson for me. No one gives two poops about whether my downstair shower is scrubbed clean. Even if they do, they likely aren’t going to see it over the course of the evening. So close the shower curtain and move on. Yet, every year I somehow get caught up in a bunch of details that don’t matter. It’s a great opportunity to clean my house, and I will enjoy that shiny clean shower, but it’s not worth contributing to my pre-party stress.

Worth every penny. If I could be a little overly analytical for a moment, with 22 attendees (24, minus The Husband and I) at $210, that comes in at under $10 per person. Even with the addition of handmade gifts, still a bargain for gifts that maximizes time spent and minimizes consumer goods. In a much more squishy sense, yes there are ways I could cut costs, making this a cheaper event over all. In fact, I probably will. That’s fun. I enjoy that. As long as it doesn’t impact the more enjoyable time spent with my favorite people. We get so few opportunities to see everyone at once, to invite them all into your home, and hear the din of combined laughter and conversation. That’s the important bit. That’s the part you can’t put a price on.

Several of my friends are loyal blog subscribers. If that’s you, then hey thanks. Thanks for coming. Thanks for being someone I would like to invite. Thanks for your contribution to the evening, because I’m sure you made one, one way or another. Thanks for allowing me to indiscreetly break down the details of said event for the benefit of the blogosphere, without being offended. *hint*hint*. And, see you next year.

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Luke D

That is fantastic! I was interested to know what the total bill would come to, and quite frankly I’m really surprised how low you were able to keep it. The last time we threw a party of that size at our place we spent nearly $500! Great party, as always, and well done keeping the costs in check.

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