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Its A Rental

I enjoyed a very busy weekend of party attending and hosting, marathon house cleaning, and rental tree collecting


Ok, perhaps it’s not a ‘traditional’ looking Christmas Tree. Not exactly the shape or fullness one would look for when choosing a typical tree. And while it is tall, it’s housing only about 1/3 of our ornament collection.

What my little Sitka Spruce lacks in branches, it makes up for in eco-friendliness, goodwill, and character!

We showed up at the proper time on Saturday morning with nearly 100 other people to choose our tree from amongst the imperfect options destined for future stream restoration projects. Not a one of them was traditional, actually. Yet, here were all these people who had put off their tree purchase, in favor of a better, less attractive option. That warmed my heart more than the complimentary cider.

And so we carted off our Charlie Brown tree. I brought it home, wrapped it in new LED lights (purchased on sale) and chose only the ornaments with some sort of sentimental value, the greatest hits, if you will.

I gotta say, I like it. I’m pretty smitten with this awkward tree. Not only is it the cheapest Christmas Tree we’ve ever purchased, but we didn’t actually purchase it. It will grace our living room for the next 10 days, hopefully without coming out of hibernation. Then make the transition back outdoors and out of our lives, moving on to bigger and better purposes.

Somehow it seems completely appropriate that making a different decision on how to spend your money and experience the Holiday, looks a little different when it’s sitting in your house.

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Luke D

It’s a great tree! It reminds me so much of the trees I used to have as a kid. They were always live, and we always planted them on our property after christmas was over. There are a few of them there still that are in the 40-50 foot range, 20+ years on.

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